Travel and Accommodation support

A working document which outlines basic process and ways through which we can support one another to come to Brussels and have a great experience, a shared one. Got questions? Ask them in a comment please.

openvillage 19-21 October, Brussels
Festival Venues:
19 October: La Serre, Rue Gray 171, near Place Flagey (learn more).
20, 21 October: Au Quai, Quai du Hainaut 23, on the canal (learn more)


The general norm is: everyone who is confirmed to participate is expected and encouraged to make their own travel arrangements.

As part of the opencare research project funded by the European Commission, we have been offering support to active session leaders and contributors, as acknowledgment of good work. The amount is generic - 300 eur and should (at least partially) cover flights/ train rides etc and lodging. The procedure is that you expected to buy the tickets or book lodging, then get reimbursed up to the 300 eur amount. Exceptions are dealt with on a case by case basis - especially in light of more expensive travels i.e. community members coming from outside of Europe.

Please contact for assistance.

List of participants with agreement for travel support
Natalia Scokzylas
Alberto Rey
Fabio Balli and Bernard Dugas
Bernard McClinghey
Rachel Aronoff
Eric Osiakwan
Paola Villareal
John Coate
Chris Cook
Anthony Di Franco
Cindy Regalado

+Team members in OpenVillage MENA


We will book a number of (shared) rooms for community members, now looking for the right location and price. If you have any tips for a great airbnb, let us know.

If you are interested in sharing a room or need a single room, or need help finding something on your own, please leave a comment below stating the number of nights and dates you will be in town, and we’ll try to help. This goes as long as there are spots available.

**When claiming accommodation please commit to supporting the festival from now on:

  1. Create a new discussion topic where you offer to contribute to a general planning task - we especially need media documentation, blogging before and after the event, and people with production and hosting skills to keep us all on track!
  2. Join the CountOnMe list and help spread the community news - every three days you will get three headlines handpicked by Owen. Share one, two or all of them with your networks.
  3. Share your favourite session on social media, and with your friends in your networks - pick one of them from the festival official website and add openvillage hashtag so we see your tweet/ post.

List of participants looking for accommodation support and covered by Edgeryders:

Rachel Aronoff, Cindy Regalado, Simon Grant/ asimong, Bernard McClinghey (Apartment for 4)
Alex Levene, Fabio Balli & Bernard (Apartment for 3)
Olia Lykhopiy (stays in Gent)
Eric Osiakwan (Apartment for 1)
Anthony (Apartment for 1-2)

Still to sort :


La Serre: Day 1 event venue is 171, Rue Gray, Ixelles (a 20 min bus ride from Gare du Midi and Gare Centrale).

Au Quai: Day 2 and Day 3 event venue is 23 Quai de Hainaut, Molenbeek (a 20 min tram ride from Gare du Midi and 15 min metro ride from Gare Centrale)


If you have contributed a story, a proposal, have dedicated some good hours to the festival organisation working with Noemi, Natalia, Gehan, Winnie, Frank, Nicole & co… and would need help to get to Brussels, please write to


For financial support and advice please email

If you’ve been offered a travel grant, make sure you book affordable routes, are mindful of the costs and collect receipts in order to get reimbursed.

For all mattes, or tips and tricks onsite, ask by commenting here below. All of us in Brussels will try to jump in with solutions to the extent we can.


Hi! I have my flights arranged, and wonder about the best place to stay now!
I arrive 18:30 on the 18th of October and leave at about noon on the 22nd.
Where are the best options near to the venue?
I would be willing to share an airbnb or other…

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Hello everyone
just a short update about the rooms - we have booked a hotel (read more above) Ping @breathinggames @bernard @asimong @rachel - some of you already have grants and rooms promised, let us know if you still want us to book a room for you. And if so, would you like/mind to share your space with others? The rooms are double and triple. Leave a comment with your preference.


Hi @natalia_skoczylas – I’ve booked my train tickets, so yes please I would be very happy to take up accommodation, arriving on 18/10 (early evening, happy to share a meal somewhere) and departing on 22/10 (early morning!)

Happy to share space with anyone, really. I’ll bring earplugs in case anyone snores :hear_no_evil:

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Hi Rachel, we’re counting you in for accommodation, just waiting for some other people to come forward to do headcount. We had found a hotel but then canceled to go with nicer places like an AirBnb. Consider yourself set, we’ll ping when we have news ok? <3

Yaaay. Sorry for the delay in replying. So happy you’re coming Simon. Counting you in for accommodation, but please keep following Natalia’s emails with calls for helping hands. It will get very concrete from now on and we’re gonna need all hands on decks. We finally get to meet in person <3


Guys am from kenya and really wanted to join you during the festival.i will really appreciate if i had someone support me in this so as i can be part of the festival.
Otherwise i will available to share the message

I am very happy to share space, but my own bed (single ok) if possible would be simplest… :slight_smile: Thanks for the organisation!!

please point me to the best item to ‘share’ about everything in facebook (both for my personal one, and Hackuarium)!

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Hi Joshua, we sent you the invitation to the fest a while ago, and didnt hear back. You are of course welcome to come, but for travel support we are prioritizing people who have been actively shaping the event and interacting with others.
We could help with the accommodation instead, if you really want to join. Hope this serves,

Waving from brussels,

Ill be there and happy to help out however possible between now and then.
Do let me know if there’s some great accommodation available. I’d love to be staying with attendees again as i had a great time meeting @patrick_andrews and @hegazy, @camtesta last January. Plus all the other wonderful ER that i’ve seen again since!
If all space is tied up already then i can always book something myself. Just need to know so i can plan.


@natalia_skoczylas Yes please book a room for me. I don’t mind sharing. I’ll book flights in the next few days.

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Hey, so I am counting you in for shared accommodation from 18-22 oct?
Natalia is coming to the Reef to help out with onsite production, but I have another proposition: @alex_levene how would you like to be the master of ceremony? I dream of having someone knowing what happens where and cat herding onsite - introducing the program for the day, and pointing people to where sessions happen, shoutouts where to go, who to find etc. A bit of a stage role for you :slight_smile:

If this works, I’d like to ask you to participate each Wednesday in the community calls to get up to speed.

That sounds right up my street.
Yes please for accommodation. That’s great. I can come to Brussels earlier if that was useful to the cause. Just need to know in advance so i can plan travel and make sure i hand over any duties here in the UK. Currently i have the whole week pencilled into my diary.
I’ll put the Wed calls into my diary and make sure that i’m by my best computer to do them!
I’ll also spend a bit of time reading through the programme and ideas on the site as well.

Hello, yes it would be good for us two to have a room! Sorry, we did not get an e-mail about your message, have to check the set up. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hey, better late than never. Make sure you stay in the loop though, much to prepare still and we need all hands on deck. No management central around here :slight_smile:

I am adding you on the accommodation list, with a note: since you are grantees please book your travel within 100 euros so that it adds up to the amount we agreed. Also, email the invoice please so you can be reimbursed after? Please do this now guys, thanks <3



I would love to attend this Event. I will try my utmost to arrange transportation from London-Brussells on 19 Oct 2017 early morning. How could I secure a place to stay at an affordable (i.e. CHEAP) cost? I’ll be slingshotting my way to the Festival by attending another conference in London.

Naomi- as requested, I’m writing here to be included in the list of those seeking accommodation and travel. I’m happy to share a place with any of you!

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I see there a few folks coming from the UK/London! Would be great travel with some of you! Reply here with date/time, place, and mode of departure to see if any of us coincide?

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