Workshop in Milan – The ethnographic research at WeMake about opencare

Fab-Lab Life - transmogrifying morbid living

17 luglio 2017

from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

at WeMake Milano

Free and open event

Working language: english and/or italian

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Seven months of field work with daily observation, meetings, insights, notes, mp3 recording, pictures taken, footage, video editing and screenshots; an analysis of the practices and the description of daily living at WeMake. This is the ethnographic field research for opencare in Milan, started in april and ending in november.

The research activity consists in describing the multiverse ways by which the concept of care is re-defined among makers and what makers “make” for opencare in the context of a fablab.

During the workshop I will present the state of the research and invite participants to “play” with some samples and files from the field I have until now collected. A hands-on session of sixty minutes will follow the presentation, as group activity on some key issues chosen by participants.


[] Welcome by WeMake staff (10’)

[] State of the research – Federico Monaco – University of Parma (20’)

“Transmogrifying morbid living”

[] Hands on in groups about concepts (Zoé – living beings, Bìos – life as representation, Techne – functions and ware) and the published files (audio files, notes, pictures); groups will be asked to publish as short stories on DIY section some brief feedbacks (60’).

[] Conclusions (30’)

A concept i’m working on is about the “transmogrifying of morbid living” as possibile research of the development on how knowledge of life and knowledge of living are differently generated (Wahlberg, 2014). It is important to understand how and how much opencare practices are represented by makers as a situated practice, at the same time contingent and shared in a different way and by different approach from other healthcare settings.

In the circular triangulation of three important concepts about life, living and technology, bìos, zoé and téchne are hereby considered relationships, identities and actions negotiated in other disciplined and this undisciplined context of care production. Such tension is deeply tacit in the fab lab where experimental practices of design, making and delivering are useful to change (to transmogrify) the concept of care itself.

The meeting will be an occasion to present the methodology and discuss in a open way the published files from the field.

Moreover, there is the idea to develop a working community on research aspects…and put in the agenda two further meetings in september and november…stay tuned!

For further information: federico.monaco [ ]

Date: 2017-07-17 19:00:00 - 2017-07-17 21:00:00, Europe/Rome Time.