Write up your own personalized invitation to LOTE5

Write a blog post explaining to other people why you are coming, how you reasonate with this year’s theme - failure and fuckups, and any personal take on it looking at your experience. Perhaps you want to see something happen at the event which will then guide your personal/ organisation’s work? If you put it out there then you and more participants will be able to shape the content of Lote5.

Publish your post on your website or in the LOTE5 workspace here on Edgeryders and share it with your network.

Completing this task will get you a LOTE5 ticket, claim it below!

It’s not exactly a blog post

But this is the newsletter the Antiheroes community received:

And here is how we announced the event on our website:


(Ps: for the newsletter it’s obviously too late, but feel free to comment on the webpage)

Task also completed by Nadia…

… with honors. Her post on LinkedIn is titled: When was the last time you really learned from failure?  Tickets are on their way!