Care team

Welcome! We’d like to walk you though this team. Here’s how you can get involved in building content around care at Lote5:

Care is one of the key topics and will see a set of talks, workshops and other sessions which are all related to failure in social and health care. No matter if you’re a policy maker, a doctor, practitioner, maker, politician, activist, or an interested citizen, we want to hear from you!

The track is led by @Alberto, Edgeryders co-founder, research director and longtime community member.

Tasks you can take on in order to get your ticket

Contribute a personal story or case study on failure

Write up your own personalized invitation to LOTE5 (from your field’s perspective)

Propose a session at the event (for you to lead)


The Open Care project is kicking off during Lote5, and it’s the main inspiration for this team. Check it out here.

Got interesting materials to share? Add them in a comment below as resources for others joining…

Got other ideas?

Like everything on Edgeryders, this is driven by social interactions. Things only become active when you post something, so if you think something needs to happen, step in and drive it, and others will follow :slight_smile: - We’re up for rolling with any crazy ideas, so shoot by commenting below or immediately set yourself a new task.