Working out loud: LOTE5 tasks and tickets out to be earned this week

Just back from our weekly community call and bringing fresh energy. This is your weekly summary of Living on the Edge 5 and what’s cooking. Our priority this week is getting the word out on the existing sessions and have more people learn and get excited about the event.

How we are going to do this? By sharing one session + a maximum two hour task every day on social media channels, for people to take on and immediately earn their ticket. The following tasks are open as of now, come pick yours!

  1. Wednesday’s task: Join the \#countonme list where you will receive and spread event updates daily
  2. Thursday’s task: Write a press release for the twitterstorm
  3. Weekend task: Call for \#FuckupBios! Your five line honest, quirky introduction to people that don’t know you and won’t judge you 
  4. Monday’s task: Your own invitation to peers who should join Living on the Edge

More edgeryders want to contribute to what Lote5 can become: a community built event where people from all over share their work along with their darkest fears in order to build new ways, new projects, new collaborations. I’m happy to welcome @bethgladstone from Indonesia finally with us, @Christine_Pu, @omar.shehabi and @Auli. They all just onboarded and reboarded Edgeryders and got in touch. Getting in touch is how it begins, especially with so much information spread on many pages that makes it harder to understand how to get involved. If you are interested in participating, don’t wait. Just reach out here, on facebook, twitter, or email ( and ask for more info.

In the meantime, happy ticket earning!