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An Autarky System for Cities (6)

This is a concept paper I’m writing (currently in draft state and looking for feedback :wink:). The long-term goal is to show this to daring and innovative mayors of small to medium sized cities with severe infrastructur…

:sparkles: Autarky Library (511 open access e-books) (13)

Jorsale village, Nepal. Based on a work by Dario Severi, licenced CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported. Content 1. Introduction 2. Literature Sources 3. Selected Works 3.1. Introduction, Multi-topic works 3.2. Housing, Construct…

An Autarky System for Households (5)

(Initial writeup by @matthias, but it’s a communally owned wiki: welcome to edit.) Content 1. Solutions, We Need Solutions 2. Requirements 3. Solutions Level 1 3.1. Organization and Communication 3.2. Business 3.3. …

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