10 weeks left to Fail unFail in Brussels: a timeline for how to use them best

This is an overview of things that need to be done to get to February with excitement and a lot of inspiration. All of us registered for LOTE5 are encouraged to pick a task from above and complete it. If you need help don't hesitate to ask by leaving a comment on the task or team page. Each task is worth a ticket to LOTE5.

To add new tasks, you can enter them into the database here. The timeline will be updated automatically.

We will be discussing detailed planning during the next community call, Wednesday 10 AM CET. Join in over coffee!


Great idea Noemi

I would love to get access to the database but Google Drive tells me that the file does not exist. I would like to propose other tasks in continuity with those that we planned weekly through community calls documentation.

Also, I made an activity plan for the past 100 days. I didn’t get any reactions so I thought this wasn’t the right way to communicate it and just cut down tasks happening weekly. Your timeline though looks dynamic and useful to keep the broader vision.

Two questions:

- can we have permalinks on the tasks in the timeline? Shall we find shorter and clearer titles for people that aren’t familiar with LOTE5?

- can we add milestones in the timeline?

Great initiative again :slight_smile:

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Format and people forget

I think too many tasks at one time is overwhelming. Rather we try to send out weekly posts with e.g. five things you can do this week to help build a smashing lote: 1 sentence summaries and urls to the page where people can complete the task, ideally a post or wiki on edgeryders platform.

Also with so much going on, we often need to be reminded. So focus on 5 tasks per week and we can push them out via social media channels etc.

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This week’s priorities

Hi you!

What was clear from today’s call and also following the above timeline is the need for clean storytelling in a way that brings in new people:

  1. Via the tasks above which anyone can pick up.

  2. Via blog posts introducing speakers (like the description of Ezio Manzini’s workshop) and coupling the more senior ones with junior curators - for example Ezio with Ayham; Giulio Q with Natalia and so on (we’re doing this by reaching out directly, then posting)

  3. Via a better outward looking Lote5 minisite: I’ve restructured it and added the (draft) Program and Who’s Coming pages. Upcoming pics with speakers and bios.

@ireinga looking at your timeline it seems there are equally things we did and things we didn’t. Can you add those we didn’t do to the timeline above (fixed link)?

@RossellaB I’m answering here to your email question, maybe it helps others too. If you want to help with banners for 32c3 you can go ahead and create your own task in the group. More than social banners like for Lote5 (thx! by the way) it seems that the group of members going to the event could use a visual material explaining lote… logo+ punchline maybe? feel free to ask the crew going.

My proposal for this week (16-23/12) tasks

This week key 8 tasks:


1.1 @Iriedawta and @Noemi are responsible to launch the LOTE5 wiki to keep track of travel and accommodation.


2.1 @Alberto is going to publish a post dedicated to this bigger narrative of LOTE5 by next week. 

2.2 @Noemi @Nadia @Alberto choose the junior/senior pairs and assign to juniors the task of writing a 700 word post on why the session is interesting for them and why they are pairing.

2.3 @Noemi rearranges the mini site in order to make it sexier to newcomers (program button, getting your ticket only one button, who’s coming). @ireinga helps to collect pics and bios

2.4 @KiraVde launches LOTE5 event on FB and @ireinga will keep track in the participant list of participants coming from the AH community. 


3.1 AH team will push to finalize some of the sessions they mobilized their community for.@Manuelpueyo @Anton_Sabbe Lotte Sarah Marek Céline

3.2 @ireinga will create a file with a list of material needed on the venue with @Noemi's help according to the sessions and activities organized.


4.1 @ireinga will explore with @Manuelpueyo the possibility of having Airbnb as a sponsor

2.5 making furhter engagement with smartBE

It can be in my tray too, I’ll reach out to Liza

  • 4.2 Kira checks up with Delta Lloyd to see whether they got $$$
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