LOTE5 Community Call Vol. VIII

Welcome to the 8th LOTE5 Community Call!

Community calls became mostly update meetings among LOTE5 core organizers, but we would like them to be open to everyone! Feel free to chip in and tell us all about your LOTE5 aspirations, with or without your new Xmas outfit. @Inge hope this one will work for you :slight_smile:

As every week, we meet between 10-11am on Wednesday. We are going back to good old Google Hangouts for this one, here you can find the link to the planned call.

This week’s agenda:

  • Travel grants: replies from Embassies/ECF/BIJ

  • Speakers and program: update from @Noemi or here.

  • Venue: creative industries track program/sessions and call to action for SMart.

  • Venue: technical requirements to send out to SMart.

  • Fundraising updates

  • Participant list updates

  • Next milestones before Christmas business black hole.

Looking forward!

Date: 2015-12-16 09:00:00 - 2015-12-16 10:00:00, Europe/Paris Time.

Tasks tasks tasks - what’s on in LOTE5 preparations

A wrap up of the community call.

- Travel grants: replies from Embassies/ECF/BIJ

Embassies do not seem to be supportive nor in most cases responsive. Speakers won’t apply for alternative travel grants so we really need to find an alternative way to finance their trips. Travel arrangements will be allocated following this order: first come first served. By now we took one main engagement: finance Hegazy visa and Bob Palmer ticket. @Inge @Iriedawta and the Edgeryders core team (@Matthias @Noemi @Patrick_Andrews) are invited to apply for a grant (ECF) or shoot us ideas on how to sponsor all of this (see update on supporting partners here below)  

TASK: @ireinga reminds Hegazy and Bob Palmer where they are at with tickets and guide them through the process. 

TASK: @Noemi and @ireinga is responsible for keeping track and updating the participant list 

TASK: @Iriedawta and @Noemi are responsible to launch the LOTE5 wiki to keep track of travel and accommodation

- Lack of traffic and engagement on the Edgeryders platform

We need to allocate a task to explain why LOTE5 is important and exciting. There’s a lack of understanding and grand narrative. 12000 words as reference for people to know why it’s worth coming. 

TASK: @Alberto is going to publish a post dedicated to this bigger narrative by next week. 

Also we need to write shorter posts highlighting the speakers interventions and the profile of speakers. We’re having popstars and the attention is not there. 

We need to pair senior speakers with juniors, for example Ezio with Ayham; Giulio Q with Natalia, so that juniors curate a 700 words post on why the session is important and the topic hot. Rewards: being responsible and co-create the WS with a senior. We need 4 posts by end of next week.

TASK: @Noemi @Nadia @Alberto choose the pairs and assign tasks to the juniors

We already got many posts announcing speakers? Why the community engagement did not get any further? It’s still an open question.

Manzini session launch went pretty well,  the one that did best was  still the post on OpenCare. We lack some push.

- How to improve the mini site in order to lead engagement?

One rule about publishing on the platform: publish then filter, publish then edit. We should not be afraid of posting if it isn’t the state of art we would like it to be.

We need a different infrastructure:

The program page should be there also for people that aren’t registered in order to get enthusiasm. Registration at sessions are for people that already decided to come and want to manage their time. 

TASK: @Noemi rearranges the mini site in order to adjust this (program button, getting your ticket only one button) 

Speakers profiles, bio and pics are good ways to mobilize people. 

TASK: @Noemi and @ireinga are collecting people bios and publishing a new page on the minisite. Who’s coming. 

Landing page A/B testing: Alberto will  either assign a more realistic goal or just call it a day.

- How to engage Antiheroes (AH) community

People in our community are more audience type than participants. ER platform don’t seem to us the good channel to onboard them. AH proposes to launch LOTE5 also on Facebook so that people that are interested but don’t get to the point of signing in in the ER platform can still be reached by publishing content and call to action in the FB event page. It needs to be clear that the FB channel is to bring the most motivated people onboard. Everything will still be built through the ER platform.

TASK: AH will create the FB event and create a list of AH participants (locals mainly) that we will keep track of by guiding them through the process of starting completing tasks in the ER platform. @KiraVde @ireinga

- Speakers and program: update from @Noemi or here

Brussels speakers should have their preferred sessions on Friday, some non-Brussels speakers might fly in too late on Friday to host a session.

TASK: AH team will push to finalize some of the sessions they mobilized their community for. @Manuelpueyo @Anton_Sabbe Lotte Sarah Marek Céline

- Venue: creative industries track program/sessions and call to action for SMart.

Not discussed

- Venue: technical requirements to send out to SMart.

TASK: @ireinga will create a file with a list of material needed with @Noemi's help.

- Fundraising updates

Irene’s contact is sending out the proposals tonight. 

- Participant list updates

Tasks are really important in order to push people to contribute. We need to keep track of participants by assigning them tasks.

TASK: @ireinga will turn 5 tasks of the week into tasks in the ER platform to carefully track and push.

- Next milestones before Christmas business black hole.

Noemi created a timeline for the next 100 days here.