Agenda, Consortium meeting 13-15 March, CERN, Geneva

Hosted by SCIMPULSE in Geneva at CERN. @Alberto (ER), @Lakomaa (EHFF), @Rossana_Torri (Città di Milano), @Costantino (WeMake) please react if it is not the case; consult with people from your organization who will actually attend.


March 13th

  • 15:00 – 18:00 Consortium meeting (research team only). Debriefing after the mid-term review and planning OpenCare next steps.

March 14th (*** all open sessions, if needed, they can happen in parrallel) 

  • 9:30 – 13:30 Participatory user testing to upgrade the OpenCare SSNA dashboard [TBA what can be done onsite, realistically] NB: The GraphRyder dashboard can be accessed here. Ethnographers, psychologists, (computational) sociologists and in general qualitative researchers are especially welcome.
  • 13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 – 17:30 How digital spaces and online interaction foster action (discussion) Preparations for the session are happening here

What constitutes action in opencare: scenario building 10’ (Noemi Salantiu)

A scientific framework for analysis 20’ (Federico Monaco and Ezio Manzini)

Q&A followed by discussion; Explore new threads of research and future publications (all)

NB: The background for our session is this conversation.

  • Ad-hoc sessions by other OpenCare partners

March 15th

  • OpenCare meets Geneva Responsive City. A barcamp on care organised by Geneva responsive city, a trans-hierarchical community (spanning from Geneva State representatives, all the way to grassroots hackers).The OpenCare partners will convey our experience and ideas from our project as part of our research task on governance of citizens involvement in design and delivery of “care”. Will take place in Geneva (locationTBC).
  • Departure


Logistic requirements: 2 rooms (one for workshopping and one for meetings, working or other parralel activities); chairs, tables, video projector, extension chords, water

Confirmed by Marco: we have three containers + the presentation hall everyday + access to a rather luxurious kitchen, under the agreement that we maintain it clean at the end of every usage.

Accommodation options:

At CERN: (full)

Hotels/Apartments nearby:

Reaching CERN:

MEETING POINT | This is the location of IdeaSquare building:’04.1%22N+6%C2%B003’14.7%22E/@46.234462,6.0519023,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d46.234462!4d6.054091

(IdeaSquare is building 3179)

To get to CERN by public transport, use the website to plan from any place to the tram stop “CERN”

To get to CERN by taxi/car, the address is "route the Meyrin 385, Meyrin (1217)”


We can make it.

The main thing I’d like to do is another round of Masters of Networks. Ideally we would:

  1. Assemble a few ethnographers.
  2. User-test some of the synthesis techniques we have tried in Milano. For example, I have worked on multiple co-occurrences as a way to filter the co-occurrences graph; @Noemi and @Jason_Vallet have counterproposed a more selective multiple threads co-occurrences. Which of these speaks most to ethnographers? Which should we implement? 
  3. Do some design and rapid prototyping on analysis. As I use te GraphRyder dashboard, I realize that I dial the number of co-occurrences quite high (5 or more) to make the graph readable. This is good, but you lose some of the serendipity, the odd pairings (mental health and translation) that will prompt deeper investigation. I think now we are more advanced on the synthesis of ethno data than on their analysis. 

Another activity that might be worth looking at is the new paper by @Federico_Monaco , @Ezio_Manzini and Noemi. Maybe just a presentation from one of them, plus deep Q&A.

I like this

On using the nb of co-occurence, this is after quite drastic and unilateral, I agree. If we are to filter on some statistics, we might want to combine nb oc co-occ with something else and let users drive the selection from, let’s say, a scatterplot showing how statistics interact.

This is just an example scenario we could test using Tulip, for instance (or the dashboard depending on Jason’s time to add the functionality  on top of all things I had pointed at in GDoc document).



booked something to come.  I’ll arrive at IdeaSquare at 11ish AM on Monday.

Coarse-grained agenda

It seems we are going ahead with this. We now need a coarse-grained agenda to make preparation.  I suggest:

  • March 13th, afternoon: consortium meeting (research team only). We debrief after the review and plan accordingly.
  • March 14th: Masters of Networks: Ethnography (user testing issue). Requires... ethnographers/qualitative researchers. 
  • March 15th: Other hands-on activities (as pre-announced by Marco in his January 31st email. 

Unless, that is, we want to have 1.5 days parallel “deep dive” sessions followed by half a day documentation and reporting back.

I need to know the MoN day to bring people in etc. I need to know it within a couple of days – the clock is ticking.

@markomanka | @melancon what do you think?

@Costantino | @Rossana_Torri | @Lakomaa do you have any activity in mind?

Intensify connections between our respective activities

A conclusion I reach after reading what each of you (WPs and partners) have written in the report, is we need to make a better connection between tasks being conducted by different partners in the project.

I’ll just give a hint of what came to my mind when reading, maybe more with a WP5-leader hat than a coordinator one.

I was amazed to read about Marco’s work. At the same time, I felt a bit sad not hearing about it earlier. I would certianly like to learn more about the methodology used, and of course pieces of content UBx could use to design an abstract map of these outputs, for instance.

The same goes with Erik and Tino’s survey. While I am unsure of the value of any visualization we could produce out of the data, I am pretty sure it could help intensify internal cohesion. There might be something to do with WeMake’s playbook content as well, for example.

I certainly miss other potential connections between other WPs and partners.

I think it is importnt that we reserve some time to discuss about this outloud and decide on steps to be taken to move in this direction.

Points to confirm ASAP please!

I emailed this to Marco. Posting it here too because it may involve others - especially for the schedule:

I am taking over organising Edgeryders schedule at the consortium meeting.

I would like clarifications on a couple of things.

  1. Finalizing the schedule: can we count on the internal meeting on the 13th and public events later? We are booking flights for a team of 5 Edgeryders, so we'd need to know if anything is happening on the 15th and led by other partners? If not, we will leave during the 15th.
  2. Masters of Networks (full day on 14th - can go in parallel with other sessions) but we can only make it worthwhile if we know we are going to have more qualitative researchers in the room. Is there anyone you know/ at CERN we can invite specifically? Thanks!
  3. How online interaction fosters action (3 hrs or up to a day, preferably on the 15th) Discussion on OpenCare informing the writing of a scientific paper. Led by Ezio, Federico TBC
  4. Accommodations: we'd like to book at one of the CERN Hotels - according to the Booking Rules on the website we fall under one of the categories allowed to stay (such as "Participants in collaboration meetings" or "Organisers of and participants in scientific events"). But to book it seems we need a Guarantor at CERN. Can you help? Can we use your name and email?

Thank you for quick responses!

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"on the 15th we will be working with the Geneva Responsive City team, so no additional events can be stuffed on the calendar of the day (the point #3 has to be held on the 14th, or be postponed to another meeting). This answers also your 1st question.

Concerning your 2nd question, no qualitative researcher exist at CERN to the best of my knowledge. Experts in quantitative analyses and data visualisation can be searched for by open call.

I cannot be your guarantor. Once we have a final approved program, I will upload it on an internal service, and a guarantor will be assigned."

I propose we have the 14th then for the discussion on the paper and possibly MON (still uncertain, will hammer it out with @Amelia).

Am trying to find out whether waiting with the accommodation is a smart choice… I can imagine the procedural stuff take time…

Can we have information on the event of the 15th?

“on the 15th we will be working with the Geneva Responsive City team”.

@markomanka can you explain what this is, and how we can contribute?

Thanks for taking the lead

Yes, we do have the same questions (there will be 3 or 4 of us). At first, I thought I’d prefer to stay in the downtown area. But I do want to stay close to the group.

Beware logistics

The only time we were at CERN logistics was problematic. The hostel is def my choice.

You mean hostel downtown Geneva?

Then great. I personally thought it would be a pity not to have alook around at this city (this is a bit sentimental, I have an aunt who lived there for some years …).


I mean CERN’s own hostel.

Fill out the agenda please!

Hi all, given Marco’s response that the 15th is off limits, we need to group all public activities on the 14th. I wouldn’t mind keeping them intimate by spliting in groups - should we have parralel sessions.

I have made a proposal for Edgeryders led activities (TBC). Federico has kindly accepted to join the crew and use the opportunity to advance the research agenda wrt the path from online conversations to practical collaborations.

I suggest that due to time constraints we scrap a full fledged MoN and stick to a long session with a clearly defined goal: to walk out with 3 things that can be realistically implemented for the dashboard. That is up to @Alberto, @melancon  etc to decide, but my proposal is that with @Amelia  we design a “user survey” or a kit that we send out in advance to participants and even our network contacts and go through the results together in the room. I can imagine the survey containing:

  1. Synthetic description of GraphRyder

  2. Summary of the database so far

  3. A user journey for how GraphRyder supports ethno analysis

  4. Open ended questions questions departing from showing respondents: the global tag view; some selected views

  5. Multiple choice and open questions with what could be useful to implement

  6. anything you want to add.

We can also get in touch with all the ethnographers who wanted to be part of OpenCare at the time Amelia got hired… it could be interesting for them to see where the work progressed.

I am up for putting in a couple of days of work for this.

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I hate to let go of a full MoN, but we simply have no time. Of the techniques prototyped in Milan, only the co-occurrence graph is fully implemented, and now periodic reporting is taking up a lot of bandwidth. For a full user testing we would need the other solutions implemented, too, as well as inline help and documentation. BTW, this can be another goal of the session: go through the user journey from the point f view of ethnographers, and come up with ways to make the same data more readable. The outcome would be issues on GitHub that @melancon and @Jason_Vallet commit to closing.

Heads up: Definitive agenda now being confirmed at CERN

@ all: I asked @markomanka earlier today to go ahead and confirm this version of the agenda so that we can plan the remaining of logistics and accommodation.

For inquiries about the 15th event I would ask him or the Scimpulse team to please give us more details regarding times and location, as well as if they need any specific input to be provided by someone in opencare. So far I understand it is an informal event and no roles need to be assigned ahead.

Thanks, see you all soon!


Everyone be there on site on Monday March 13 to start our consortim meeting right after lunch (early and short lunch, let’s head for a start around 1pm). I’ll propose an agenda soon. I prsume we’ll leave room to talk about the review and plan how we’ll conduct our second year in view of the reviewer’s feedback.

March 14, I understand we are going to have parallel sessions, with one focused on the dashboard use, to feedback the work done and provide directions for improvements.

I am unsure about March 15.

I need to know so I can organize my trip – things tend to go slowly down here. If I am to go with CERN housing, I need authorization to go with this out-of-the-market solution.

@markomanka may I ask you to an agenda here? Thanks

Update the wiki!

@melancon I dont know if a decision has been made, but currently the agenda says we start at 15:00. Please update accordingly.


I’ve just booked---- I’m arriving from London at 11:35 on the 13th, and leaving at 14:20 on the 15th. No jet lag this time :slight_smile:

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Will wait up on Monday

I land at 11, so will wait for you in Arrivals :smiley: See ya soon!