Ampliative Art: Looking for collaborators

Here is the place where anybody can present and introduce her or himself. We’re looking for people who wants to collaborate in:

  • Back-end dev

  • Front-end dev

  • Fundraising

  • Management

  • Networking

  • Design

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Social media

  • Dissemination

  • Communication

  • And in what you consider!

It would be nice you could tell us something about yourself, your background (if you are a coder please specify your tech stack), any link (if you have) and your estimated schedule for contribute in this project.

All welcome!

For more info on the project check out the Description page, Looking for Core Team members or

Any comment, critique, idea, proposal or hello also welcome :))

Well done

I like the way you have organized information. We’ll push it out there. Meanwhile: who can we think of that could be interested in this? @Noemi, what do you think?


Yeah, thank you so much @Alberto, it gives me more energy!

The project is really complex in itself, so my challenge is translate it the best I can.

All welcome!

I’m extremely interested in being a part of this i have design experience and feel as though i could be an asset across the design, marketing and social media aspects.

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Welcome (again) from me too

Hello @stephendonald, long time no speak. You were at LOTE1 in Strasbourg, right? Welcome back!

Just saying: two well-connected people in the art world are @Ben and @katalin. They might have some advice, or know people. Also check out the crowd in Spot The Future Bucharest, very loosely connected with the European Capital of Culture 2021 – though right now they are busy with street protests.

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Good directions

Thank you @Alberto. Sincerely, @Ben is a reference for me and was the person throughout I met Edgeryders community, although I understand he is involved in many cool projects right know. About @katalin I can’t open her link (page not loading), but is welcome!

I will contact the people from Bucharest too (and hope they can solve the rights they are protesting now).


Cool. I do not know the Bucharest crowd personally, but you can ask @Noemi or @Alex_Stef, who have a better overview of who does what.

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Hey @stephendonald, you are totally welcome!!

Your background is interesting as we need to communicate and disseminate our proposal in a more visual way. So, just for knowing, are you involved in some particular community as Reddit or other like that? can you imagine a marketing campaign for make known our project?

Our most critical issue is to form a team so we can discuss the common strategy of the project and the tactics in each field, so every thoughts on how to arrive to more collaborators (including your friends, for example) are welcome :slight_smile:

Ah, and I would really appreciate to hear from you your opinion on

Thanks in advance!!

Nice Project

Hi Onco, here’s Leonardo from Rome! I’m community manager at FabLab Roma Makers, and I’m an artist, working about generative art, performative art and interactive art.

As community manager, I could be interested in helping your project about dissemination and communication.


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Hi @Leonardo Zaccone really glad your interest!! It would be nice to collaborate with you and your community. On the next days, and according the collaboration proposals, I will made a post for brainstorming in each different field. But meanwhile you can contribute with your ideas on how we could make know the project and sharing the project wherever you want.

Thanks a lot!!