Andrew Welch

Hi, I am Andrew. My journey started when I enjoyed making  stuff, using computers and being outdoors as a child. I studied BSc Environment, Economics and Ecology at York University and spent a lot of time there exploring the surrounding countryside by mountain bike, participating in races and mountain bike groups. I started a design business designing and printing t-shirts which promoted sustainable and progressive living. I then worked as a mountain bike guide in Croatia (Korcula). Returning to the UK I worked for a network company as an engineer, web developer and graphic designer. I then prepared to cycle round the world. Between 2007 and 2010 I cycled from England to Georgia, then to India, lived in Georgia and travelled to and cycled in Mongolia. I returned to the UK and studied MA Design Critical Practice at Goldsmiths. I wrote two books about my cycle travels (Weave of the Ride | Between Worlds). I invented Wandermap which is a theory and project around psychogeography (including a guidebook called 'The Open Wilderness Guiding Book). My dissertation was a skill sharing app called Wequest. I have a website of ‘methods’ (design, research, etc) that I would like to open up to the Edgeryders community. I worked for a design startup called Stromatolite which created the Music Tech Fest Brand and Open Product Licenses. I worked for Viacom at MTV in Camden as a developer. Most recently I became Technical Coordinator of Joya - Arte + Ecología in Almeria, Spain and I also work on Georiders which is a mountain bike tour company and community in Tbilisi, Georgia. This is my personal website. I am interested in Edgeryders because I am impressed with the scope of the project and I hope to be able to contribute. 

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So welcome!

Hello Andrew, welcome to Edgeryders. I am Alberto, and this is my own story.

Are you still in Georgia? I guess the heart of ER activity in Georgia could now become this project – but I have the impression that the Tbilisi crowd has not yet decided whether it really wants to move forward. @Inge will know more. Also, UNDP is thinking about how to move forward – more info here.

The next major Edgeryders project is a Living On The Edge conference and get-together scheduled for late October in Matera, Italy. You are welcome to join us, of course!

LOTE4 happens where unMonastery is

Hi Andrew, nice to see you here again and thanks for coming to meet us in Tbilisi at Futurespotters…!

I remember you were quite interested in the unMonastery when @Ben did his presentation, so there’s a chance to come see it in person this fall, if you’ll be joining us at the event… it’s happening in Matera, we still need to clear some details but we’re launching it next week. so do stay in touch.

Hi Noemi, thanks for putting on a great event. I will definitely keep a close eye on developments with unMonastery - I would love to participate in the project. Will there be any other meetings in Tbilisi in the meantime?

bi weekly meet-ups!

Hi Andy!

Sorry that I missed this post (I was a bit out for the past 3 weeks). We just had a bi-weekly meet up last week, but I want to organize one more before August, so you should def come! I’ll add you to the FB group as well, as I know in Georgia FB is followed more strenuously than any other online platform…