Announcement: Edgeryders is leaving Zoom, effective immediately.

We have been reading about breaches in security and innappropriate behavior on Zoom.

Today, a few of us hosting a call were ‘zoombombed’ by a user showing child pornography. Needless to say how terrifying and trauma inducing this can be.

We are shutting down our zoom account immediately and advise everyone in the community to do the same - we live in too of a crazy and crisis-driven world to let ourselves be harrassed in our private lives as well.

Alternatives are being considered, please bear with us while we try and test different things.
All the community calls and edgeryders online events will replace their participant registration and onboarding process in order to protect ourselves to the best we can. We might need to jump a few hoops and register more formally, but it should be worth it.

All advertisement of links to calls in public spaces is discouraged, as well as drop-in calls where moderators don’t manually approve participants.

Here are alternatives discussed, any help is appreciated:

  • Recently set up by @owen. Only available to people with accounts. Tested here. Open source.
  • Jitsi: Proposed by community members and tested here. Opensource software.
  • Discord: Needs user account creation. You can make settings on your server that requires people to have an account on your server for a fixed amount of time before they can post. Shared Audio and Video rooms as well. Proprietary software.

@marina @MariaEuler @alberto @matteo_uguzzoni and everyone who has meeting plans on Zoom: hoping this does not cause you too much disruption.

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Ok, will set up the now.edgeryders rooms for the reccuring calls now and update in the calls overview.

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Holy shit. That’s terrible! Good call to end it.

Owens alternative is not open source though but supplied by a third party – right @owen?
I don’t think this is a big deal though, as long as we can keep it secure.


…once we use it more we have to adress how we would keep it safe. Right now everyone who make’s an edgeryders account and has the link can show up.

  • Do we need passwords?
  • Are able to kick people if necessary?
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@owen has said that these things can be implemented.

However, we should probably do a more thorough security audit of this solution now that we’ve had to learn the hard way what can happen if we don’t.

Yes. Please stop any public calls until we have sorted this out. Better to put everything on hold till we can ensure we have a safe setup.

Yep. I wouldn’t use this for group calls at the moment - the same risks apply (albeit a user needs an Edgeryders account, but pretty easy to create one).

Those features will be implemented, but my focus is on the webkit at the moment… until then consider it as safe as a basic open call.

Discord may serve the purpose for secure calls in the interim…

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We can also schedule calls and limit the call to RSVP’d members. This is the most secure way of using it.

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yes, verify then trust.


A scheduled call needs a topic - like this: Virtual Shared Dinner

You need to add an event date and RSVP a list of users:

I was super busy on Monday @MariaEuler but I can walk through the steps and discuss the missing features with you tomorrow when you’re available!

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yes, let’s do that. Would be good to do that before the call with Federico, so how about between 14;00 and 15:00? (shorter if possible)

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that works fine, I’ll message you on riot a bit before.

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What we need to add for now.edgeryders befvore using it in bigger settings:

  • mute
  • remove
  • password option

What we have now:

  • RSVP option


  • screen sharing currently only works in chrome, not safari

Hm, I haven’t seen that, cool!

@owen just coached me on it. Is easy to set up and we can use it to at least keep connected to those who are already showing up regularly while we set up security for the future option where people can join in from outside again.

You can just tick a box in the same thing where you add the calendar to a post to enable rsvp, then you add the edgeryders use names of those who want to join and after that, you create the room link with: the number on the end of the post’s link address

for this one: xx it would be 13275

also needs to be tagged as webcontent

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How close to ready are we with this setup?

the rsvp works already. The rest won’t happen until first halv of May

ok, so calls suspended until then or we go with what we have and take our chances?