Conversation overview 24th April 2020: Community coming together for hackathons, webinars and love

Hello, dear community,

I want to start off this week’s conversation overview with the reiteration of the announcement that Edgryders stopped using Zoom effective immediately on Tuesday 21st after a disturbing “zoombomber”. You can read more about it here: Announcement: Edgeryders is leaving Zoom, effective immediately.

All community calls had to be paused while searching for a secure alternative.

We are currently working on our very own Edgeryders call tool which will be directly connected to the discord platform. However currently we can only provide the level of security we deem necessary if you sign up on a rsvp list upfront as a known community member. Just comment on the posts for the calls you want to join and we add you to the list if we already know you.

In 2 or 3 weeks time we will have a secure funnel inplace so that we can onboard and vet new people also directly in calls.

This will be just in time for two existing webinars we developed with the initiative and support of community members @federico_monaco and @erik_lonroth :

  1. "ViConnect" on the 3rd of May 16:00 to 17:30 CEST will be the first prototype webinar for a course series for parents and children to learn how to turn an analogue drawing into VR rooms. The perfect creative outlet during the lockdown!
  1. “Own Your Cloud” on 8th of May, 17:00 - 19:00 is a discussion of the ethical and legal implications of subscription services for clouds combined with a hands on workshop helping everyone in the webinar to set up their own nextcloud, a free and open source cloud that they you will own yourself!

It is great to see all the initiatives for projects and teams coming together here on the platform.
One nice example taking on the fight against rumours is here:

And here where people join forces for the EU hackathon this weekend:

And on the physical side of things, great work is done at our partner community Blivande!

Our tech help desk conversation is evolving from tips for long-distance dating and relationships via digital channels to how to teach and entertain children. Says probably a lot about our community that that is where our “Tech Help Desk” went organically :wink:

A very interesting reflection on SSNA and a better kind of contact tracing during COVID19 can be found here:

Great to have you here!