Bringing the social investors into the société simple

Starting a new post so that this task can get it’s own thread …

Hi @els,

Thanks a ton for this! I don’t have the time or mindspace to get into the details of this, but I’m sure @reef-finance will be able fill in the gaps.

The usernames on Edgeryders are “marcelh”, “koenvanmeel” and “reef-investors”. That said, there is a bit more to this than just their personal data. Sadly this is something that we have postponed for a very long time, mostly by putting Team Inclusion on hold, just because we needed to prioritise other things.

The first thing to do here is introduce them to the notion of the société simple. For this we now have a new document in the Onboarding Package folder (internal link), so the next step would be to interact with them and explain this.

The next thing would be to discuss the gentleman’s agreement that we will propose them that they will not get decision-making rights on anything except on matters that signficantly concern long-term financial things. In the past we used to refer to this as the “Memorandum of Understanding”, but this predates the statutes of the société simple. It shouldn’t take long, but it probably requires a short meeting and ideally also half a page of documentation.

I’d be happy to contribute to this task whatever I can easily bring in, but I don’t have enough space to make it happen. @Sophie_B, @Caro and @Laurianne, given that this is at heart a Team Inclusion task, would one or several of you be willing and able to work with somebody from Team Finance to take care of this? (any other volunteers of course also warmly welcome!)

If yes, then let’s move this message to a new thread and take it from there?


Happy to contribute from next Monday (6.5) onwards.


On it!

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@Sophie_B @Caro @Laurianne ,

when the necessary info is given to the investors , could you also ask them to complete the ubo-register file? (internal link: )


@Lee @Sophie_B @Laurianne @Caro (should this be another thread?)

we will soon do a second round of the programme, so we get a more detailled view on what every one wants, what their budget is, how much they foresee for the finishing, which building they prefer,… The investors will be included in this ‘exercise’

So i wander if sb of TB (caro? sophie? maybe as you are both part of TB) should not present the recent plans of jet-14 (with an introduction of obelix, asterix and idefix), share some extra information we received (e.g the 750 euro/m2 that is not an average but more a minimum)…


Fully agreed Els !
I have a bit more space for that, I will organize this and keep team building up to date.

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That’s a great idea and I think we should go for that. At the same time don’t forget that these two people are my father and a somebody who has been a very dear friends since 25 years. Just to say that it’s very natural for me to keep them posted.

What I sometimes struggle with a little, especially when things get crazy, is thinking about sending them a message when administrative input is needed, so that’s why I was asking whether somebody would be willing to be their buddy.

That said what I believe is very urgent now, is seeing whether can have 1-2 extra inclusive units. In the past we talked to Oaktree and Luc Lampaert, so if somebody has time maybe we could contact them again? A second, much easier option, would be to find somebody in our networks, who would be willing to invest in a studio. A third option could be to find somebody who would like to buy a unit for themselves or for a loved one. I’m most thinking of people with special needs (mild disability, illness) who are able to do assisted living, and who would benefit from living in a cohousing.

The most important thing to bear in mind here is that there are significant legal and financial requirements that not everybody will be willing to accept. This is something that resurfaced only recently (I will post in detail later) when I had a look at the statutes from De Spiegel. So before doing anything, I would probably recommend to first gain clarity on the clauses from the Spiegel statutes that we will have to integrate in ours.


About the extra inclusive units : I am very much willing to take up on that, revive team inclusion and continue based on what’s been initiated already. My questions are :

  • do you @Sophie_B and @Lee have time and mental space to meet ?
  • or do @Laurianne and I start already and we make a proposal of who to contact/how/when and then we come back to Team Inclusion with something concrete ?
  • is there documentation on your previous talks with Oak Tree and Luc Lampaert ? To start from there.

About our existing social investors : is it something that could work to invite them to have a quick meeting (seperate or together) in which I present them the project of JET 14, make sure they picture it correctly and only then ask them for the administrative infos ? I would keep you in cc and eventually part of the meeting @Lee, would that feel ok ? Or do you prefer to deal with them since they’re relatives ?


@Sophie_B is the person who knows most about this. I don’t have much space right now, but I could try to find 30 minutes for a call if needed.

Good idea. Make sure though to have a look at the Spiegel statutes (translation is coming) and be clear on the fact that what we are asking from our investors is a looot of trust.

It’s in the Team Inclusion folder, and you can also browse the forum by clicking on the “reef-inclusion” tag.

For me it’s all good. I’ll just confess that I have already shared the plans. I talked to my father about where he would like to be, and I’m seeing Koen in a couple of days.

One thing to note here is that we have a bit of a gap in our governance when it comes to the “order of priority”, because for now both are not included. Can you maybe work on a proposal on where they will come in on that list? I’d be happy to give my views on that in a one-on-one, but I can also keep them to myself. I will almost 100% sure abstain from participating in the consent round.

Maybe we can also do without a proposal though. Both have very specific wishes, and I don’t think these wishes overlap with most of what the others want.

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hi @caro @Sophie_B @Laurianne

I saw Tinne this weekend, who decided to become an exploring member with her partner Koen.
We talked about the different teams and she expressed a interest for team inclusion.
As team recruitment encourages exploring members to sit in on meetings of the different teams, i was wondering if you had any plans towards a ‘team inclusion meeting’ before the 27th of may?
If not, no problem, not sure she would actually come…


Team inclusion is gathering in the middle of Sunday 19th, if she joins the potluck she definitely can join us I think (to double check with @Laurianne @Sophie_B, plans are still in the making).


@reef-inclusion, if you are meeting, can you please put your meeting on the Nextcloud agenda? TIA!