Call for participation: community event about Co-working After #Covid19

Hello all,
We are all affected by the dramatic changes in our working lives.
At Edgeryders, in 2020 we have been hosting virtual events where we discussed loss of work during the corona crisis and we encouraged sharing of personal stories to better make sense of what is happening. Several community members from all over Europe and beyond are participating, and getting the tools to better cope with the changes.

This is an invitation to you all - in Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, and other countries to join for this next event about what is happening with with remote work and solutions from co-working spaces.

You will hear from several founders of co-working spaces and people who use shared offices:

  • what are the main issues concerning office space
  • how the spaces are reconfiguring to serve new members and what technologies are being used
  • how co-working spaces are forming networks have a common voice

The event will happen in English, but you are welcome to ask questions or write comments in your own language, and the facilitators will translate. It helps if you understand English, even if you don’t wish to speak.


The event is free of charge.

To participate, please introduce yourself in a comment to this opening post by the founder of several spaces in the Canary Islands. After your introduction, the organisers will send you a link to the online event room.

See you on 21st July, at 4 PM CEST (Brussels) time?

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Perhaps this is interesting for:

@trefelek - you wrote last year that you were working for a corporation; if you are working remote now, you might be inspired.

@mamaju - you wrote about the need to change the workplace to a less competitive one. Maybe this event will give you new ideas…

@_63 - you wrote you are interested in work relationships so this event could help you understand what is healthy for the future workplace