Your big thinking question about failure (extract it from an existing post or contribute a personal story)

LOTE5 is currently being developed around major tracks:

  1. Care track: failures in providing social and health care and the disparities it leads to
  2. Development track: failure in development policies, institutional efforts, development agencies etc
  3. Creative industries fuckups

Do you know of projects or initiatives having experienced any of the above, or something else which you think is relevant? The more weird or broken it is, the more we stand to learn from it.

It can be an interview or a narrative account in text, video, podcast, whichever format you are most fond of. We’ll make sure more people find out about it. If you’ll be up for developing it further, your contribution can also become part of a major output of LOTE5, something along the lines of “The Failure Survival Handbook: the indispensable guide for surviving your career’s sudden turns for the worse”.

This task is worth 1 LOTE5 ticket. Claim it!

To complete this task upload your material as a post in the LOTE5 workspace (make sure you are logged in). Once you do that you’ll get your ticket to LOTE5.

Examples: #1 from Sweden, #2 from Nepal, #3 about investing in culture to counteract terrorism and so on. Browse the LOTE5 workspace for more.

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from lote3 to lote5

my journey of two years from Living on the Edge to Linking on the Edge - lote 3 to lote 5. I would be happy to share and narrate in form of workshop session about my story with Edgeryders and lote, over my experience of fast, fail, forward process I encountered in this ER community.

I like to help document the manual as mentioned above from creative industries fuck-ups track and share (or post, curate) my experiences at lote5 about distributed networks involving, audio podcasts, p2p learnings and cultural exchange events as cast studies for lote3, unmonastery radio Matera, spot the future Georgia. I hope to compile past data on various social networks, and ER platforms and will upload it here, after which I like to follow up with face to face or online interviews and forums about the topic

Aden, sounds a little ambitious, curious why this, why now? Is it something about this topic of failing that makes you look back? if so, give us a hint maybe? A short story to kick off preparations for your session on how you or the people around could have done better and if it was it worth it? My own example of acknowledging things gone bad in our organisation is here.

Failure Cases and overcomming the failures

I will prepare the session about failure and unfailure issues experienced within our organisation Ahuahu Foundation projects. We run mainly self funded, enthusiastic projects and works which are enaugh successful, hope our experience will be interesting and useful .

Please, could you tell what steps are forward and how to fill the blanks above? Like Date,status, priority…

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Start by contributing the story?

Hi Koka, I would suggest to start with a personal view on the projects you work with, are they successful enough? And how do you even define success in the arts? What were your hopes and what was the reality you got (usually reality seems to be below our expectations). I can testify to that because I am also involved in building an organisation.

You can share your story by creating a post in the LOTE5 group: /t/lote5/609.

If you want to propose it as an actual session in Brussels, create an event in that same group. Sunday the 28th is still relatively free, just pick a time you prefer. Hope this helps?

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