Co-Designing the Wellbeing Festival: working sessions on 5, 6, 7 September (online)

Hello team, new team, prospective team !

This is for local connectors @Mikomann @AskaBednarczyk (Poland) @kuba_svehla @zalesjan (Czech Republic) and @jasen_lakic @zveljko (Serbia TBC)

It would be important to have community managers present as well @Jirka_Kocian @MariaAlinaAsavei @Richard.

If you’ve been in touch with me or Natalia, remember we asked you to set aside some dates in September for us all to get together and plan the months ahead. Unfortunately, we cannot meet physically due to conflicting schedules.

So we are going to do a series of 3 online calls, an opportunity to get on the same page and offer each other support where needed.

Specifically, the sessions will:

  • present in more detail the Edgeryders methodology for online engagement (@Nadia, Noemi)
  • present in more detail the Edgeryders methodology for building participatory events (@Nadia, Noemi)
  • offer ideas and inspiration for how to make the Festival more engaging and relevant for the community members (@nadia, @noemi, @natalia_skoczylas, everyone)
  • be an opportunity to check-in about existing plans (@AskaBednarczyk, @Mikomann)
  • tease out expectations inside the team (everyone)
  • clarify aspects of organising the events and delivering successfully, ask questions etc (everyone)
  • agree on who is going to be present where (everyone)
    * anything else? add it in a comment below!

When and where are we meeting?

5 September, Thursday from 18:00 - 19:30 Brussels time: Launch Meeting - Zoom
6 September, Friday at 18:00 - 19:30 Brussels time: Launch Meeting - Zoom
CANCELLED 7 September, Saturday at 18:00 - 19:30 Brussels time: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Can you guys confirm? I hope you can make at least 2 of these - it’s really in everyone’s interest to make use of a little time that we have together.


I can make the Thursday and Friday ones.

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I can make Thursday and Friday ones too.

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He, chętnie wezmę w czymś udział. Na pewno będę 5 września. Pozdrawiam!

I am also available on Thursday and Friday… Looking forward to virtually meet all of you, guys & wish you great days!

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Friday and Saturday are fine for me:)

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cheers and thanks for putting this together!

I will be available for calls of Sept 5th, 6th and hopefully also 7th.



út 27. 8. 2019 v 17:35 odesílatel noemi via Edgeryders napsal:

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Hi all and thank you for confirming your availability!

We will go forward with Thursday and Friday, and instead of Saturday we will set a later date for the 3rd session when most people can do it. Other than Aska, it seems everyone is available for these 2 days.

Before Thursday, please make sure you have read the following documents and browsed through the sites. We need to start from a common ground and we will not have time to get into details like ex: POPREBEL goals, what is Edgeryders, how to use the platform etc.

  1. About Edgeryders. The video on this page was made at another community event, in South Italy.
  2. Website: about POPREBEL research and consortium. This site is to be used as a general reference, it is meant for an academic and EU audience, NOT necessarily the community audience.
  3. Website: about POPREBEL/ Wellbeing in Europe community project. This site is a quick overview of the project (in each Language) and who we are. It’s the one we promote to a community audience. Note how the official project name POPREBEL is not used. Instead, we use Wellbeing in Europe: this is our community narrative signaling interest in people’s lived lives, their experiences and socio-economical contexts. We do not ask, nor are we interested in their opinions about populism. The political context is expected to come out during the conversations and interactions on the platform, but it is not the starting point.
  4. Platform: Wellbeing in Europe community space. The interaction space between participants. This is where all the stories and comments should be published. It is also the ultimate proof of delivery of work for the entire Edgeryders team.
  5. Social Contract for the POPREBEL community - you will understand who is welcome in the community and what is the team’s commitment.
  6. Guide for Community Managers
  7. The 3 overall themes of the conversation. They are open-ended. New themes are welcome.
  1. What are Virtual Cafes?

  2. Project Team Workspace. A quick scan will tell you how we communicate amongst ourselves.

  3. Outreach and Communications Workspace. We have a team of people, @Inge and @anon82932460, who collect important status updates from the different Edgeryders projects, then send them out to everyone asking them to share the updates. They also do targeted social media campaigning, and can advise you.

  4. Edgeryders OpenVillage Festival. Organised in 2017 with the community, also as part of a larger research project. We organised it using the platform and online calls! This was the workspace, if you’re interested to read more (optional).

If I’m missing something please add @natalia_skoczylas @nadia.

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Sorry for my late reply but Thursday and Friday are good for me, too.

Thanks to all those who managed to join! @Richard @jasen_lakic @zalesjan @Mikomann @nadia.

A recording of today’s call (starts at about 7 minutes in, during a round of introductions)

  1. What is a good place around which you can convene people to share their stories? a place around which many people pass or spend time in. It could be a neighborhood, a pub, a church, a hospital, an open ‘office’ in the field. That could be the starting point for collecting deep stories, ‘portraits’ of people who you would then engage repeatedly to understand their own story better, to help them create accounts on the platform, to have them join the event and meet one another.
  2. The format of what you want to do. How you can get people to interact with you in that place and get a conversation going. How to record that story?
  3. What support do you need from the rest of us?
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You spoke about the 20 page document, is it available somewhere or it’s still being prepared?

Give me a couple of hours and I’ll send the link…