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The purpose of this document is to support Wellbeing in Europe community managers and project team to build a network of active community members who contribute to the research project and are well informed of the opport…

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Virtual Cafe Wednesday 9 October -exceptionally scheduled for 19:00 Brussels time (3)
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Digital ethnography skunkworks episode 1: the takehome points ( 2 ) (21)
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Summary from Virtual Cafe 18 Sept - Zveljko (Serbian connector) on board! (2)
The festival website is now online, here is how you can add your event and content to the program! (1)
After the Festival Co-design sessions - Shared Engagement Strategy (2)
How to plan, budget and get reimbursement for event expenses? Ask your questions here. (3)
End-of-summer update on the state of the POPREBEL conversation (2)
Co-Designing the Wellbeing Festival: working sessions on 5, 6, 7 September (online) (12)
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