Code + Copywriting fixes

Each page on the numbered list has a separate comment dedicated to pointing out what exactly needs to be fixed for/ on/with it:

  1. Livelihoods summit: About Page (Detailed description)

  2. Livelihoods summit: Landing Page For entire series of activities (incl all events and discussions)

  3. Work (not made with webkit):

  4. Coworking Recovery event: Appearance: Edgeryders I Text + code: Event: Supporting the recovery of the Co-working sector

  5. Scifi Econ: Appearance: Edgeryders I Event: Scifi Economics Event

  6. Work with Us: Appearence: Doesnt Exist I Text + Code: Work with us

  7. People: Appearance: Doesn’t exist yet I Text +code: Our People

  8. Themes: Appearance: Edgeryders I Text + code:

  9. About Us: Appearance: I Text + code:

  10. Our Work/Projects: I

  11. Our Services: I

  12. Impact Strategy: I

  13. Methods: I

  14. Start: (no code is up yet)

  1. Resilient Livelihoods
    Event Posts on Platform —> Event Landing Pages (with registration forms)—> Events Aggregator (Summit) —>

Topics & Comments
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