Event: Supporting the recovery of the Co-working sector

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Virtual Summit - 21st July 2020 - 16:00 CEST to 18:30 CEST

Supporting the recovery of the co-working sector

Virtual Summit on supporting the recovery of the co-working sector in the wake of COVID-19, with an emphasis on the role of technology in that rehabilitation process. Three key groups are being consulted to be involved:

- Co-working space owners

- Technology providers to the co-working sector

- Networks and representation bodies for the co-working sector

Before the live online summit event: Focused interviews with key players from the groups listed above. These will be conducted with a moderator and result in transcripts that will contribute to the final themes and discussions during the event on the 21st of July.
Summit sessions will be moderated roundtables with key industry figures and wider sector participants. Keynote introduction by author and industry advisor John O’Duinn (further details below).

Speakers and Panel Members

John O’Duinn, Founder, Mentor, Author, Keynote Speaker


Rowena Hennigan, Remote Work Educator and Expert, Webinar Producer and Keynote Speaker


Featured Panel Participants

Co-working space owners

Nacho Rodriquez, Citizen of the World, Entrepreneur & Remote Work Advocate, Founder- Co-living and Co-working Canary Islands, Spain


Mayur Sontakke, Founder Co-living Co-working Nomad Gao, Goa, India


Technology providers to the co-working sectors

Jonny Cosgrove, Founder Meetingroom.io - VR meeting room software, Dublin, Ireland


Erin Westover, Market Lead Europe, Upflex, Berlin, Germany


Networks and representation bodies for the co-working sector

Gary O’Meara, Chairman NACEC, National Association of Community Enterprise Centers (and digital hubs), Ireland


Faye Alund, President of Co-working Indonesia, Owner of Kumpul co-working


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This event is part of the NGI Forward project Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825652 from 2019-2021. You can learn more about the initiative and our involvement in it at https://ngi.edgeryders.eu

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ping @kajafarszky @MariaEuler @RoRemote - here is where the coworking recovery event page is situated and edited. We will need to be sure to include logos and the blurbs as required by the NGI funding program.

Ok! Who is the person that knows all the details for this? I can include them into the template, but I need to know what exactly. Thanks! :slight_smile:

it’s Rowena

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we will need to add some images in there too e.G photos of the speakers - but Rowena will provide this

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Missing part to add:

About Edgeryders event method

A 2hr process of online activities that accelerates offline activities.


The EdgeRyders events process begins when an idea or solution is posted on the platform, sparking discussion among community members. Some join in, actively listening, asking questions or giving thoughtful responses. (This is a safe place and not for debating opinions or speaking for others.)

The discussion begins with first hand accounts of attempts taken to solve societal issues and moves to navigating the personal challenges experienced by members. Nuances and the various different contexts surrounding these challenges begins to show.

Information analysis

Next open source technology is used to make connections between topics being discussed, the people discussing them, places, projects, solutions and struggles. When we put this together, patterns start to emerge that help join these ideas and people to each other and to other information, skill and resources.

By the end of the process, our community members have gained a richer knowledge and understanding of the issue they wish to tackle and have a blueprint to put their idea into action.

What comes out of it

Inputs Platform Outputs Outcome
Good People Conversation Articles Clusters of local actors that together try out new ideas to secure resilient livelihoods for their communities and themselves. Each cluster is composed of individuals, groups and organisations with deep ties to a place.
Interesting stories Sensemaking New Projects How is a cluster different from a network? In a network, participants look for how to make the most of what others are doing. In a cluster, participants are willing to re-orient their work, so as to better work with the other participants.
Experience-based knowledge New perspectives & ideas Unlikely Alliances If you are a construction company, you must not be lazy, and be open to using new technologies. If you are a social cooperative, you must look away from providing standardized services to customizing what you do in order to better valorize the capabilities of the people they are assisting. And so on.

What participants do: 2hrs

The process with require 2 hrs of your time in total , spread out over a 3 week period:

  • Fill in registration form ( 5 mins)
  • Participate in the video chat ( 1.10 hr)
  • Leave comments on the forum sharing your thoughts ( 35 min)

Optional (+ 1. 5 hr): If you want to be involved in new opportunities for working and fundraising together with others - you can come to the follow up call to explore ideas for collaboration born out of the process + do some follow up work

How to participate

Add a subheading (2).png

@RoRemote and @nadia here’s the latest update on the template. The photos are not showing up while on live, I don’t know the right way to upload them, I’ve asked @owen for help.

Also still to add this second part from the post here

@kajafarszky I have fixed it, for reference when you add an image:


A url with ‘upload://…’ will not work - as it is not a valid external link to the image.

It should look like this:


If this happens - to get the image address, right click on the photo and copy the image address. Use this URL to display the image on the site.

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Thanks Owen! I knew it’s probably just simple step of how to do it, but I didn’t know what was it. I take note for the future! :slight_smile:

@owen I’ve made few more changes, with remarks that @RoRemote said. On mobile view it’s displaying good, but on the desktop view we have two photos (John and Rowena) too big, I’ve put the pixels size 100x100, but it didn’t change anything. I don’t know how to resize it to display nicely.

Few more design questions from Rowena’s side:
can we have the form at the bottom of the page? (not on the left as it is now)
And the three groups for the speakers that are displayed now can come in the middle of the page, but stayed separated in three.

@nadia let us know if you have any comments to add.

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@owen some more requests from me too please:

  1. can you also please remove the two grey boxes under Event Registration, in the Form?
  2. can you add the meta tag/title the same as overall page title: “Virtual Summit on the recovery of the co-working sector”
  3. Ideally the URL ending should be similar - like virtual summit co-working = Edgeryders or something similar

Can you let me know what/when you get this finished?

@nadia - Ideally after a person registers for the event, they get a diary grabber for their calendar - it is not possible at the moment (I believe on the system) - can we use a Google Calendar or another Calendar from anywhere else on Edgeryders? This event needs to be “calendar booked” or we may loose participants. For the featured panelists fyi - I am generating individual calendar invites on my Gmail Calendar, to make sure it is booked in.

@kajafarszky - I have a few small other edit comments for you - will send them on Telegram IM.

Rowena this is taking longer than expected and we need to get the communication campaign out this weekend. @Owen is at capacity at the moment.

To save us all time I recommend you set up an eventbrite event so we can move on. We can then promote our own page in a week once it is done. Xorks?

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