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We are pausing all public Edgeryders calls for the moment to sort out an alternative option to Zoom and ensure the reliability and security of that tool. We are doing this due to recent reports about Zoom’s data breaches in security and innappropriate behavior as well as due to a recent direct experience of a “zoombomb” attack at one of our community calls.

We will update here and in individual post regarding the topic as soon as we can.

Hello Dear Community,

this post is a wiki which we will be continuously updating and pin to gather and inform about all ongoing community calls.

Weekly calls

  1. Weekly Covid2019 Community response Call; Every Monday 17:00 CEST
    While we are forced to keep a physical distance to each other we want to come together regularly to discuss our and your challenges, plans and responses.
    As the Edgeryders team, we want to find ways to help our community and beyond to get through this crisis.
    Therefore we now open our weekly team calls for the whole community to join in and give us their ideas and feedback. We want to discuss strategies and the situation fully transparent and also check in with each other socially.

  2. Coping with the loss of work"; Every Tuesday 12:00 CEST:
    Every week we run a group meeting online as a sharing and supportive environment where people from across the world can meet and learn together. The calls are open to anyone who wants to share their story, and contribute to collective strength building. Edgeryders community managers then help connect participants with other people and opportunities in the network.
    Register here to join the calls (12:00 pm Brussels time):

  3. Let’s Open Up! FOSS and Open-Source Topics ** every second Tuesday 18:00 CEST (next 28th of April)
    Open-Source and the connected critically thinking, empowerment and independence is a topic close to our hearts. Therefore we offer this forum to discuss with experts and activists from the opensource environment every week.Currently, we use this space to develop a Webinar/Workshop series to address different real-live challenges with open source. The next one will be discussing and critically evaluating subscription models, their meaning for our society and sugest alternatives.

Special Events

  1. A surveillance pandemic? Thursday, 9th Apr 17:00 CEST For all the details, please see this topic:

    A surveillance pandemic? A community listening session on emergent post-COVID trends, from contact tracking to special powers

Planned / in development

  1. Subscription Education and How to build your own next cloud - Webinar, 8th of May (details to follow)
  2. “VR Dreams” Course for educators, parents and children to learn to us VR together with analogue drawing to be creative and express their ideas. (Prob Mid May) What can we do together? Drawing on some Virtual Reality Dreams

Also @jasen_lakic and I are going to do a dinner with strangers thing on friday where we people in different households meet in a now room, and have dinner at the same time/play with Didi’s cards ping @HadeerGhareeb !


Can time and link be shared here :). Than we can add it to the list.

Cool…what time…I will arrange the the playing :grin:

@jasen_lakic what time do you guys usually eat dinner?

These guys in Brussels are organising conversation tables - perhaps easier to run a collaboration with them? They’re a community based in the Kanal side of Molenbeek


from 18h to 19h mostly

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@jasen_lakic do you want to have a chat with the guys @noemi is pointing to ?

Ping @yannick!
The Monday calls are more project oriented, the Tuesday calls are deep sharing.
Take your pick, or join both if you have the time…

Yeah I find the part about workshops and similar initiatives…fun and creative ideas. I would definitely contact them for that already. Should I invite them for friday dinner? :slight_smile:

Collaboration with them to have friday dinners though might be overkill :slight_smile:.

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yeah! do it! :))