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We are pausing all public calls for this week to sort out some technical problems and prepare for the online summit.
Sneak Peek: Covid19 + Resilient Livelihoods: An Online Summit

Hello Dear Community,

this post is a wiki which we will be continuously updating and pin to gather and inform about all ongoing community calls.

Weekly calls

  1. Weekly Covid2019 Community response Call; Every Monday 17:00 CEST
    While we are forced to keep a physical distance to each other we want to come together regularly to discuss our and your challenges, plans and responses.
    As the Edgeryders team, we want to find ways to help our community and beyond to get through this crisis.
  1. Coping with the loss of work"; Every Tuesday 12:00 CEST:
    Every week we run a group meeting online as a sharing and supportive environment where people from across the world can meet and learn together. The calls are open to anyone who wants to share their story, and contribute to collective strength building. Edgeryders community managers then help connect participants with other people and opportunities in the network.
    Paused until mid-May for technical reasons.

  2. Let’s Open Up! FOSS and Open-Source Topics ** every second Tuesday 18:00 CEST (next 28th of April)
    Open-Source and the connected critically thinking, empowerment and independence is a topic close to our hearts. Therefore we offer this forum to discuss with experts and activists from the opensource environment every week.Currently, we use this space to develop a Webinar/Workshop series to address different real-live challenges with open source. The next one will be discussing and critically evaluating subscription models, their meaning for our society and sugest alternatives.

Special Events

  1. “ViConnect” on the 3rd of May 16:00 to 17:30 CEST will be the first prototype webinar for a course series for parents and children to learn how to turn analogue drawing into VR rooms. The perfect creative outlet during the lockdown!
  1. “Own Your Cloud” on 8th of May, 17:00 - 19:00 is a discussion of the ethical and legal implications of subscription services for clouds combined with a hands-on workshop helping everyone in the webinar to set up their own nextcloud, a free and open source cloud that they you will own yourself!

Planned / in development

  1. Mapping the mappers
  2. “ViConnect Course Series” 3 1-week courses using Analogue drawing and VR-tech. 1st week for educators, 2nd week for families, 3rd home office workers. June/July 2020

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Past events:

  1. A surveillance pandemic? Thursday, 9th Apr 17:00 CEST For all the details, please see this topic:

    A surveillance pandemic? A community listening session on emergent post-COVID trends, from contact tracking to special powers

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