Conversation Overview 6th of August 2020: It is summer after all

Dear community,

We hope you had and have a wonderful summer making the best out of the situation in responsible ways. Yet, even this year some things are as usual: A lot of people from our key t4eam and community are on leave, catching some socially distant sun and spending less time on their keyboards. We are taking it a bit slower these days.

But we do not stop!

The online event on the 21st on the recovery of the coworking sector was extremely interesting and rewarding. Between 40 and 50 people from all over the world joined in. Coworking space owners, technology providers and network organisers shared their thoughts, challenges and solutions.

You can find a report about the event here:

And you can follow and join the conversations in-depth in the coworking recovery forum:

It is also a great place to network with people in the coworking sector.

The conversations such as this one with Indonesian coworking pioneer Faye Alund are inspiring.

There will be follow-up events, the form of which you can shape by contributing to the discussion in the forum. More news on that will come soon

**The Edgeryders team is also filling the summer with some very technical and interesting developments and evaluations in the field of the SSNA analysis and ethnography.

You can find out more in theses conversations if you are not afraid of formulas merging social and computer sciences ;):**

And finally, we continue to collect information, thoughts and insights on how the pandemic correlates with surveillance in this conversation. If you have examples please share them here:

A surveillance pandemic? Results of the community listening post on risks for freedom in the wake of COVID-19

Thank you for being a great community and enjoy some sun when possible!

(if you have questions feel free to ping me @mariaeuler)


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Thanks @MariaEuler for the overview.
I highly second your recommendation for this article, it really gets us thinking about future economic structures built around work:

Distributed Teams as Distributed Economic Development

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