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Hi guys!

Since we had 3 different suggestions to have a meet-up of project talk and socialising over dinner/beers, we were thinking to gather up in a slightly bigger group on the same evening, also open to friends curious about resource sharing. I’d be a great chance to talk about our projects’ challenges in a very relaxed setting (how about cooking together? or maybe a picnic?) and a fun pre-event for the workshop.

@Bogdan_Alto kindly offered to host us at the upcoming NGO hub, and @RuxandraCreo also came up with a suggestions (Rux, could you remind us?). I was actually thinking of a space to host a dinner (my apt is small), but if we go for Bogdan’s proposal (a house in the Hala Traian area), we’d surely fit.

In terms of dates, good options are Thursday 18, Friday 19 or Sunday 21. Here’s a Doodle to quickly select a convenient option(s).

How does it sound? Any other suggestions of place, food, occasion?

Later edit: drinks, talks & cooking evening is on [b]Sunday 21[b], at the upcoming NGO hub on aleea Visinilor nr. 5.

We’ll prepare something easy and summery starting 5PM, so bring fruits, veggies, cheese or wine/beers for a light and tasty dinner.

Also: OuiShare & Babele are hosting an event on sharing economy on Thursday 18th, to which we’re all invited (see comments below).

See you soon!

P.S. Did you guys see how cool the teaser turned out? :slight_smile:

Date: 2015-06-21 14:00:00 - 2015-06-21 14:00:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.

##:ro: Romanian version

Salutare, gașcă!

Pentru că au aparut în paralel 3 propuneri de întâlnire la o seară de mâncare, socializare și projects talk, ne gândim să ne strângem mai mulți cu aceeași ocazie, să ne aducem și prietenii curioși de resource sharing și să stăm de vorba relaxat (poate cu gătit împreună? sau picnic?) despre provocările pe care le avem fiecare, ca un pre-event de socializare cu rost pentru workshop.

@bogdan_alto lto ne-a oferit spațiul din hub-ul ONG în formare, iar @RuxandraCreo avea și ea o propunere de spațiu (ne amintești tu, Rux?). Până să apară propunerile lor, chiar mă gândeam la un spațiu care să ne găzduiască într-o formulă mai mare (apt-ul meu e mic), însă dacă mergem pe varianta propusă de Bogdan (casă în zona Hala Traian), sigur avem loc.

Optiuni de zile sunt joi 18, vineri 19 sau duminica 21. Aici găsiți Doodle-ul unde puteți bifa rapid în care zi(le) ar merge pentru voi.

Cum sună? Alte propuneri de loc, mâncare, ocazie?

Later edit: pregătim o cină lejeră, de vară, sâmbătă 21, la ONG hub, pe intrarea Visinilor nr 5 (zona Hala Traian). Ne strângem de la 5PM să pregătim ceva bun (aduceți fructe, legume, brânzeturi, bere sau ce știți voi) și să povestim despre proiectele fiecăruia și despre ce ar fi util să se întâmple la workshop.

De asemenea: OuiShare & Babele organizează un eveniment despre sharing economy joi 18, la care suntem toți invitați (detalii în comentariile de mai jos).

Pe curând!

P.S. Ați văzut ce fain a ieșit teaser-ul? :slight_smile:
Sun, 2015-06-21 17:00


Event on Thursday 18th of June

Hi all,

yes indeed, we were thinking about organizing an event on the collaborative economy next week on Thursday 18th of June at 7 pm. We would have a short presentation (15 minutes) about the principles of the collaborative economy, some examples, and then let people discuss freely about their initiatives and network. We are estimating to have between 30 to 50 people joining the event.

We are still in discussion regarding the place where we will organize it : either at Nod Makerspace and their rooftop terasse Deschis Gastrobar either at Monteoru terasse. We will have the decision by tomorrow. Anyhow, the whole idea behind the event is to create a community of like minded people, thus we would like to talk about Futurespotters as well and we would really want people from the Edgeryders community to join.

Here is the link to the draft of the event. More details will come soon!

Ouishare Drink Bucharest 2015

Hi guys,

As Ruxandra said, we are hosting the Ouishare Drink Bucharest 2015 event on Thursday 18th of June at 7 pm, that will take place at Nod makerspace and we are now all set . Please join us and bring anyone you consider may be interested in the collaborative economy, peer-to-peer, crowdsourcing, open democracy. We will be debating about the collaborative economy, principles, values, will present interesting initiatives here in Romania and we will finish this up with a networking and & drinking session :slight_smile:

Saturday or Sunday?

Great ideas!

@Alex_Stef @Bogdan_Alto is it Saturday or Sunday? 21st is on a Sunday. Both work great, just let us know and looking forward to! If there is anything I can help with in terms of invitations or putting together a small introduction session about Futurespotters, let me know.

I’ll also be joining Rux and Raluca next Thursday, hope not to be late as I’ll come straight after a trip abroad and landing in Bucharest in the afternoon.

Sunday it is

Yup, our cooking & projects talk is on Sunday the 21st. Will also be joining the OuiShare event next Thursday - looking forward to learning about the sharing economy.

Futurespotters at the Ouishare Drink event on Thursday

the event on Thursday is taking shape, we believe there will be around 50 people attending . The whole idea behind it is to present the collaborative economy and Ouishare for 10 to 15 minutes, and then present the maker movement and the Nod, and then other initiatives from Bucharest. We were planning to leave 10 minutes of presentation for Futurespotters (you can show the video, talk about the workshop :-)…@Noemi or @Alex_Stef who’s in for doing the presentation? Here is the draft of the program.

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Both I guess

Ideally we’d do it together. I get off a plane at 5 PM, so it will be a close call :slight_smile:

Waiting for access to the google doc, and thanks so much, looking forward to!

In the meantime for Sunday:

@Bogdan_Alto ne poti trimite adresa locatiei (poate in privat Alexandrei daca ai dubii) sa scriem o invitatie pentru cei din reteaua ta si cei care sunt deja inregistrati aici pe platforma? Sugerez sa nu trimitem mai tarziu de miercuri…

The place to be

Dear Bucharesters, you are making us jealous. Enjoy your cooking and world domination plotting, and don’t forget to keep the rest of us update on what you are up to! laugh


The new guy

Hi guys,

My name is Ciprian and I am a human being just like you.

This morning I met another human, her name is Alex Stef. She is a girl, I am a boy. We are pretty much the same age and from the discussion we had we seem to share some common views on the things around us. She invited me to join you guys on Sunday and to tell you what vegetables to bring.

We both speak Romanian.

She asked me to share with you guys some things about me and what I do these days. I don’t know what this has to do with vegetables. But, she is pretty amazing and knows her way around, so I will just go with it.

In the part of the life outside my shelter I play different roles: student, IT guy, volunteer. Student means I go to a course for young managers, IT means I do cool landing pages (ok, I did just one and some people like it, just selling it) and volunteer means I help some guys launch a volunteering platform (going pretty slow, I don’t think that we actually know what we are doing).

I am on bootstrap mode and that brings me to the thing I really like to do lately. I enjoy buying vegetables, cook them and eat what I’ve cooked. I like it a lot most of the times, other people eat it too sometimes and it happens inside my shelter. I always start with onions, garlic and ginger and the recipes are pretty much on the spot. It is pleasure of mine to use curry, but I can do without.

So here is my proposal for Sunday: we seen to be all into the sharing economy and using the leftovers, so I invite you to bring whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. They don’t need to be beautiful, just okeish. Also, don’t bring too many, is Sunday evening, we are in Bucharest, we will not starve. We will place all the vegetables on the table and see if there’s any magic there. I have been doing this for 6 (yes six) months, so just trust me I am the expert.

Let me give you some pointers. Is the season of Romanian zucchini. You can buy one for 1 Leu if the fridge is empty. Also the Romanian tomatoes taste pretty amazing now. Eggs not, but maybe Eggplants. I was thinking about eggs and cheese, but where’s the challenge, then? Remember, not too many we are in Bucharest, we will not starve. I will take care of the onions, garlic, ginger, olive oil, rice/pita (we can have both depending on what we’ll cook). What is left we can take back home.

So that’s that. What do you think? Up for it?

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New guy has several awesome stories, next to cooking passion

…that maybe we convince him to share with everyone on the group? They have “ingredients” such as living with monks in Nepal and launching a cool volunteering platform in Romania.

We’ll have no shortage of great stories for our Sunday cooking hangout, that’s for sure.

@Ciprian, I’ll be bringing sour cherries straight from my dad’s garden + cabbage + whatever else I find in my fridge. I love your idea to bring whatever we have laying around unused - it happens waay too often that I throw fresh produce away because I don’t get around to preparing it. I’m sure @irinabreniuc also appreciates this - she cooks all her meals herself, everyday. Gotta learn from you two…

So looking forward to Sunday, guys! Remember to share the word with people who might resonate with the community, this is an open invite to discover what moves us each and uncover hidden resources within this awesome network of dreamers&doers.


Yes to veggies

Of course, I can also bring whatever I find and will trust your guidance @Ciprian. Cooking together is getting quite popular nowadays, and food hacking even more, as some other Edgeryders experienced. Welcome on board… I look forward to meeting you and listening to good stories, I find that social dinners in a dining room make for a much more well spent time than eating out.

Re: your volunteering project - a penny for those who do know what they’re doing… I think most of us don’t, and operating in trial and error should be more highly valued. Which is why we’re considering to organise the next big Edgeryders yearly event in the Fuckup mode

Like this

New guy: I like your style. Me I live very far from Bucharest, so I don’t get to be there with you. But I do think this is a pretty powerful metaphor for the sharing economy – and it is also walking its talk, which is always nice.

Hi guys,

We wrote a few words about the experience we had last week at the Ouishare drinks, feel free to share your thoughts here

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It.s brilliant!

Well done, Raluca. I would leave a comment, but it seems I can.t because I need to be registered on wordpress, not the Babele platform. Anyway sharing it!

Ouishare drinks

@noemi Thank’s a lot for the feedback! Maybe you could comment on the Facebook event page