Country visits calendar

This is the calendar for the FutureMakers visits to the six countries involved. At the time of writing it is not yet 100% finalized (still waiting to speak to UNDP Armenia), so check back for possible changes.

  • 1 June: departure for Cairo
  • 2-4 June: Cairo
  • 4 June: FutureMakers workshop in Cairo
  • 5 June: return to Brussels
  • 8 June: departure for Rabat
  • 9-11 June: Rabat and Casablanca
  • 12 June: departure for Bologna
  • 14 June: departure for Bonn
  • 15 June: Bonn.
  • 16 June: return to Brussels
  • 12 July: departure for Yerevan
  • 13-15 July: Yerevan
  • 15 July: departure for Tbilisi
  • 16-18 July: Tbilisi
  • 20: departure for Kiev
  • 22-24 July: Kiev
  • 25: departure for Minsk
  • 27-29: Minsk
  • 30: return to Brussels


Are these dates final (confirmed) dates?

So are these dates final?

So I asked before about the dates, because I need to know re the contract (who will be my tandem), as @Masha may not be able to make it those days. @Alberto or @Noemi, could you tell me more? I would like to know so we can move forward and contracts can be signed. :slight_smile:

We haven’t spoken with Armenia office yet

@Inge, apologies, I was hoping we can be 100% sure but we are still waiting to agree with Armenia. So count on it 90%. This is consistent with what Alberto wrote above. Does it help? If one of you of Mascha will be present then we’ll be OK.

A proposal to swap Georgia dates with Armenia

UNDP Armenia prefers 16-18 July, which leaves Georgia with 13-15. Better? @Inge

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all fine for me, but…

I am available all dates, but @Masha is already in the Hague ont he 13th, so she wont be able to be my tandem. I was told to get a tandem to have someone on stand by to cover for me during the visit in case my newborn needed me. So, ‘as long as one of you can make it’ seems it bit odd to me considering I was asked to have a tandem. I (already) was not afraid I wouldnt be able to make it, my partner stays home with the baby and we also have a grandmother and other relatives on standby (this is not the only job I have for which I have to leave the house). It just seems a bit strange to have a tandem because I have a newborn, there are other things which are unforeseen that can happen to (car crash, tbilisi floods, war, etc) and that we dont have control over. But I can  alter the contract and have my partner George in it as well, in case I need to stay home, he will be able to help Alberto (though, I dont see any event in which this would be the case, but if it eases people then of course this is fine with me).

Good enough

If you take responsibility, this is good enough for me. Just know this: this project is such that I personally have no slack at all, so it will be very very difficult for me to parry the blow. I will be quite dependent on you for three days. sad

Tbilisi 13-15 July/ Yerevan 16-18 July

Change of dates is confirmed by the Georgian team! Stay tuned.

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looking forward to it!

UNDP Armenia

Hi Noemi, just wondering - who is your contact in UNDP Yerevan? Looking forward to meet @Alberto in July!


It’s @marina.n. I will introduce you two properly immediately after Alberto and I have the first Skype with her to agree on general aspects of the mission.

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Sweet, thanks @Noemi!