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Hello everyone, some quick notes on the latest that’s cooking over at

All together: 25-28 February 2016!

Brussels is where we meet again in full swing for Living On The Edge at its 5th edition (LOTE5). Dubbed The Great unFail, it will see community members, collaborators and policy experts opening up about failure and fuckups. The lovely Kira and Irene at Antiheroes are coordinating, so join in and join early.

New company updates: How we are failing forward in our third year

We’re volunteering as exhibit A at Lote5. Edgeryders never had a development model, we evolved mostly through trial and error. It became obvious ever since last year that we need some fixes in order to move forward and preserve community health. We’ve put up clearer terms of platform use, policies and ways to join the company, among others.

New Edgeryders: John Coate is in the house..

… or when the WELL meets EdgeRyders. John is the world’s first online community manager and seems to have gone through the rabbit hole and back. His first conversation with plenty of us in awe is here, come say hello.

New flagship, EU funded project: OpenCare meets the world.

We’ll be making a case for communities as key players helping reform European health and social care. How do we get about it? Presenting it publicly and forging alliances is a considerable time investment and “we owe it to one another to help improve the returns” - Nadia after keynote in Berlin the other day. More about OpenCare project here.

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