Documenting LOTE5 - call for #fail #unfail reporters

This is a call for LOTE5 reporters, videomakers, blogwriters, audio recording artists and alike to harvest their preferred material and build LOTE5 knowledge.

@Kaja offered to orchestrate this task, set up the LOTE5 “harvesting” and start the dances.

The conversation actually started during last week’s community call, questions about which benefits would the community get from the documentation, in which formats (short videos/wikis/hackpads), how to bypass failure porn and create the right conditions to share insights and stories of failure were opened.

Let’s kick start the actionables here.


  1. LOTE5: Documentation/Harvesting of LOTE - what? why? how? (contains all instructions)
  2. LOTE4 documentation is partially gathered here.
  3. Antiheroes gathered some nice reading on the failure subject here.
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Very cool

This is really important, and the telltale sign of LOTE events. How about we do a 15 mins crash course in use of hackpads/Titanpads/whatever we use every morning over coffee?

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Up for it

Shall we do it during or right after this week community call?

@Kaja ?

Community call / Documentation

ireinga, yes, please! I’ve been chewing on this for too long (got really stuck at "oh my god, this community is

really high-tech orientated and I’m definitely not and how can AoH harvesting be constructively mashed with

the ways the community has done these things so far?"

I won’t make the community call from the start but cay try to join in from about 11:30 on, will be there at 12

at the latest.

Up for it.

Timely task. Because we need a whole bunch of people contributing here from now until the event, I added it to the teams page too so people can find it and join easily.

I also really loved OSCEDays documentation from last year, a LOT of it and all in one place.

On the topic of documentation (for community call)


I hope this is the best place to post it to, so people involved in documentation will see it before the community call.

If there’s a better place, please tell me and I’ll repost.

So first of all, thanks to @ireinga for kicking this off, I was frozen in “failure paralysis”, but now it’s better. I’d like to discuss the organisation (which I’d like to keep to the necessary minimum, to keep people most space, while still offering some kind of guidelines that could be helpful) of the documentation/harvesting, and thought it could be helpful if I layed out my thoughts about possible “how tos” before the call. So here we go:

What I’d do before LOTE:

  • Explain why documenting/harveting is important and valuable and invite people to document / collect what they learned/heared during the different sessions. It can be one person per session or several. If it’s more than one, they can be suggested TitanPad (which someone else would have to explain, please) as a way to work on the document together (unless they’re already comfortable using some other tools like google docs or whatever).

  • Explain different possible roles:

“session journalist”

*day journalist, who captures the flow and what happened besides the sessions/talks


*video journalist

*mischievous question seeker

*whatever other way people come up with and feel called to collect"

  • Set up wiki with each session listen, for people to add their names to the session they will do documentation on. Take mail addresses to be able to follow up after event for collection of the material. (I have no idea how you did this travel wiki list, but I’d find it very practical for this matter. Can someone either teach me or set that up for documentation of the talks/sessions?)

  • Possibility to find out what questions people are moved by - what really brings them to the event? That would be a first piece of harvest. A first idea about what is already happening in the group.

  • Create Wiki, where the harvesting documents will be linked to afterwards, so everything can be found in one place, example:

Day 1

Link to pictures taken

Link to posting “Records of session 1”

Records of session 2


Personal reflection pieces and harvest of the “collective sensemaking”

What I like about that is that the content can be found easily, but people can still engage on the topic of the session in the separate threads.

During LOTE:

  • Find last volunteers to document session that aren’t covered in advance.

Should work, I think. We don’t necessarily HAVE to know who’s the scribe for 100 % of the sessions. At least I imagine people will jump in spontaneously if needed. “Worst” case: maybe the speaker will be able to make a summary available? What do you think?

  • We’ll try to encourage some personal reflection, try to deepen the conversations by finding the questions in the room and harvest people’s insights on a personal level along the way. This will happen on the spot and is rather going to be planned about a week in advance. What can be thought about already are juicy questions :slight_smile:

After LOTE:

  • Ask people to upload their harvest as a post on this forum (in a possible sub-section?) or on hackpad (mail addresses needed for kind reminders). Update Wiki with links in chronological order of talks/sessions.

My goal: Give all the explanations about the “how tos” in advance to not worry about it during event, because I will need space for the not-technology-based offline harvesting. Post it’s and stuff :slight_smile:

Please tell me what you think. As I said, I’m not very techie, so I hope this will work in your eyes. If not, I’m looking forward to additional ideas.

“See” you on wednesday (I’ll join shortly after 11:30)


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After the community call

It was very useful to me finally meeting @Kaja in person.

Listing here the things where, in my understanding, we are in agreement. Let me know if I’m missing something?

  • We have set up a Documentation wiki as a go to place for people to: find instructions, volunteer to document sessions, get juicy questions & finally upload links to notes and recordings. I really liked the roles Kaja mentions above so I added them (mischievous question seeker? :D) We maintain the wiki collectively. 
  • Kaja takes care of setting up instructions and calls for harvesting (what it means, why you should do it), list of logistic materials needed and a physical place on location where we provide materials - on paper too (loved the A4 "logbook" was it?). However, she will not be running around during the event to micro manage this. 
  • Tentatively we agree on a P2P Harvesting Challenge: by making people's bios available on site - we each choose someone to interview during the event and document their reflections. not everyone will do it, but it can encourage sharing and bonding.
  • Coordination at the event: we set up a meetup before LOTE5 (24th? 25th at noon?) starts to meet each other and go over the processes. 

Happy to see @jimmytidey signed up for this task. Are you coming?? Everyone, for reference, here’s Jimmy’s example of community journalism: Jimmy Tidey's portfolio site This is pretty much what we want to encourage.

Hello group


I didn’t know that I was in this group, it must be for a reason :slight_smile:

I am in for writing something up in the  2 weeks following LOTE. I am not the best in recording details, more into looking for emerging patterns and meaning. I could do this for the session of Ezio and the Sunday session.




@Merel, not sure why you’ve been added to the group, I thought you joined by yourself. Anyway, welcome!

For details on how to document and where see this explanatory doc set up by Kaja on Harvesting: what? why? how?

Unless you have your own system, for shared note taking we will be using

Coming to LOTE5

I have a background in privacy, security, open data, machine-learning, and Lean UX. I think failure and evolving quickly is a good thing, and hope I can add some insights from academia. Happy to help take notes for sessions I attend and compile them for future usage. g

Im in

Adding myself to this team.  See you all soon.