Community call Wednesday at 11: where are we 2 weeks from LOTE5?

As every Wednesday we are religiously hosting a community call to discuss LOTE5 preparations and get to share all of our aspirations for the close-to-come event and beyond. It’s open to everyone, feel free to join.

What we managed to get done since last week working together?

Agenda for this call:

  • introductions and expectations from the event - can we improve the way we work together? are we missing something?
  • touch base on comms: who's ready to take on the \#CountOnMe dailies (@communalspoon?); last batch of tickets to LOTE going out; weekly summary emailed (with @Teo & @Justyna_Krol)
  • InfoPack: what should we include in a welcoming pack in Brussels to be community like, effective, and low cost? (with @Alex_Levene & @CamTesta)
  • what we are doing this week? how can each of us help? and whatever you want to bring up. there is great room for brainstorming together..

Meet you at 11am CET in this Hangout !

Date: 2016-02-10 10:00:00 - 2016-02-10 11:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

My notes

Preparations are slowly moving from online to onsite logistics. We need to assemble a team of onsite managers to do cat herding, floor management, time keeping and know what is happening at all times.

  • Kira volunteers to take care of the overall coordination! During the sessions: Lieza will probably be there always.
  • At the Apero on 11th: Irene can recruit people who haven’t taken up tasks and could take on the onsite practicalities and coordination
  • Noemi volunteers to keep track of documentation and keep close to Kaja to help.

Collecting info from participants in the next email going out tomorrow or Fri:

  • which days are you attending? 
  • fill in your bio and pic if you want us to include it 
  • speakers: special requirements for your session -adaptors/ flipcharts etc?
  • deadline to collect all info: 17 Feb (Irene will inquire at FabLab about how much we can print and whether we need to bring our own paper)

FuckUp nights: 70 registered via eventbrite. max allowed will be 150 and entry based on a list.

Food budget: to be finalized by Irene based on cooking times and possibility to order in sandwiches at least for lunch (easier than have people leave sessions early to prepare it).

Common fund for travels: Anna organised the booking by ER for an AirBnb apartment hosting 5 - waiting to hear from Lote people if anyone wants to join, 1 spot left!

Program: all slots are almost full. New sessions will be held either on Sunday or in a fourth room - with the caveat that this makes for smaller audiences in each, as we will end up with 4 parallel sessions.

Flipchart, printer


Oh, and yes, I forgot!

MoN4 will definitely need a flipchart, if not 2.

Also, I thought we may need a printer: I expect people to come up with mock-ups of visualization, for which they may want to print picture, and glue them on cardboard, etc. I guess, this is usual stuff that will be made available, but I thought I’d better ask.



HiRes projector?

Thanks @Noemi for sharing your notes.

Since you ask, I would need a high resolution video-projector for the MoN4 session. I mean hires, otherwise – well, you have experience with MoNs – we can’t really show anything interesting in the room.

Maybe that was already planned, but I thought I should mention it.


List of attendees?

Me again, since you (@Noemi) mention the Sunday sessions are “full” … Does that include MoN4? If so, can you share that list, with maybe something hinting at the profile of people, so I can anticipate on how to run the show, form squads, etc.



More info

re: the high resolution projector, let’s ask @lieza if they have one at SmartBe?

re: the slots - I meant that the program is now almost full as a grid, with 3 sessions going in parallel most of the time. I don’t how many people will attend each, other than those who said so on your session page. Multiply that of course, since some people coming to LOTE have not made contact here… so you will have walk ins. If there is a max no of attendees you prefer to work with, put it on the session page. If you would like to learn about who’s who, I can include your special request in the summary email going out these days to everyone’s email boxes. Other than that, hard to chase people :slight_smile:

Tasks of the week

Nice notes Noemi, as usual. I can complete them just with the tasks of the week:

  1. Launch a task to recruit volunteers for onsite coordination. @KiraVde is up to lead the process: she will be the one to refer to for schedule/session/space management. She’ll do it with a small team of volunteers. I suggest we also create a wiki to coordinate the team so we know who is available when. It would be good to have the task out by Friday so it can be sent to people we engaged during the apéro.

  2. Assign rooms to sessions: @KiraVde and @ireinga will take the lead on this and draft a plan this Friday. We need to find names for rooms, we thought to choose some related to tha tracks (development, culture, finance, care), anyone feeling inspired? @Teo @Justyna_Krol @Nadia

  3. Send out the weekly recap by the end of the week with a request for bios to use in our welcome kit plus a form for people to tell us which day they plan to come. @Noemi @ireinga

  4. Finalize an estimated budget for the foods, clarify the food plan with the food team, check the sandwich possibilities @ireinga

  5. Find out the printing plan, @ireinga will be check with the Brussels fablab she s in contact with whether they can print for us the welcome kit.