Festival Participant Bios

This is the list of people who are featured in the “participants” section of festival.edgeryders.eu . If you are involved in setting up/participating in a point on the festival program please feel free to add yourself here

Alberto Cottica @alberto

Co-Founder and Research Director , Edgeryders
Data/Network Scientist and Economist. An expert on collaborative governance and participation, with proven track record of managing processes of ICT-enabled design and delivery of public policy – and even public services – in collaboration with citizens.

Alberto has first-hand experience in establishing, nurturing and running communities of citizens that work towards common goals, sometimes in alliance with government). Also has a proven track record of driving adoption of innovative practices – and, more importantly, of a practice of openness and transparency in policy delivery – in fairly conservative large organisations, including government agencies.

Amelia Hassoun @amelia

Lead Ethnographer , Edgeryders
An anthropologist with a research focus on the social impacts of digital technologies. Has extensive ethnographic research experience both online and offline, in both public and private sector, focusing on the power of participatory communities to facilitate transparent, efficient solutions to public problems. Has technical experience designing and developing a bespoke patient information website, as well as interviewing community members, gathering and analysing qualitative and quantitative data, and generating ethnographic reports. Currently a doctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute analysing community-based civic technology initiatives, ethnographically examining how community members creatively interact with and rework “smart” urban technologies.

Fabrizio Barca

Founder, Forum on Inequalities and diversity I Ex General Director, Italian Ministry of Economy & Finance

Fabrizio Barca is an economist and politician. He has held the positions of head of the Research Division of the Bank of Italy, head of the Department for Development and Cohesion Policies at the Italian Treasury, and General Director of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. He was president of the Committee for territorial policies of the OECD from 1999 to 2006 , and in 2009 he created the independent report on cohesion policies for the European Commission: An Agenda for a reformed cohesion policy. From November 2011 to April 2013 he was a minister without portfolio with responsibility for territorial cohesion in the Monti government.

Filip Simonovski @anon82932460

Social Media Manager , Edgeryders
Filip is not your average marketing geek. Just like the other “not-your-average” geeks at Edgeryders. Although excelling in web-development, web project management, digital strategy creation, community management, digital analytics & content creation, Filip loves driving change with the work he does most. Having worked with larger corporations, hard-hitting NGOs, and small business owners, he knows what works best for who. At Edgeryders, he’s passionately growing the community and the visibility of the people and conversations in it.

Hugi Ásgeirsson @hugi

Co-Director , Edgeryders
Positioned between technology and participatory culture and politics, Hugi is interested in how people can collaborate better together today and in the future, online and offline. He currently works from Stockholm, where he co-founded the participatory culture center and social enterprise Blivande. As a co-director of Edgeryders, he runs the development lab Participio developing software for participatory culture and is involved in a number of projects exploring how technology can enable participation, social cohesion and resilience. Hugi has a background in informatics and analytics and has a degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology where he studied biotechnology engineering.

Ilaria N. Brambilla @ilaria

Project Manager, Edgeryders
A cognitive geographer, author and journalist, and expert on circular economy. Based in Italy/France. She does project management within EarthOS, Edgeryders’ Climate Unit, and helps it secure allies and connections internationally.

Inge Snip @inge

Content Curator , Edgeryders
Multimedia journalist and communications expert Inge believes that telling stories that inspire change are the only stories worth telling. She has worked with a variety of organizations - including Forbes, National Geographic and UNICEF - producing and curating both video and written content to tell extraordinary stories, build communities and engage large audiences. At Edgeryders, Inge has previously helped built and manage communities of innovative activists in Georgia for their Futurespotters and Futuremakers projects. She currently splits her time between producing and managing content at the award-winning journalism initiative Coda Story and curating and editing content at Edgeryders.

Justin Nogarede @J_Noga

Digital Policy Adviser, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
Justin joined FEPS in summer 2018 to lead the digital policy portfolio. He previously worked as policy officer in the Secretariat-General of the European Commission. He started in the Directorate for Better Regulation, and then proceeded to take on the digital policy portfolio in the President’s and Vice-President’s Briefing Unit. After that, he became a policy coordinator working on digital and single market policy files.

In the past years, Justin has been among others involved in drafting the European Commission’s mid-term review of the Digital Single Market Strategy, and in policy on standards and standard-essential patents, audio-visual media, Internet governance, the collaborative economy, product liability and the internal market for goods.

John Coate @johncoate

Co-Director and Community Manager , Edgeryders

John was employee number two at The WELL, where he was instrumental in creating the online community that Wired Magazine called the “world’s most influential”. There he was the first to work as what is now known as an “online community manager” and he wrote the first treatise on building online community. He co-founded the first major news website, sfgate.com, which today has more than thirty million monthly visitors and more than 340K Twitter followers. He was the online manager of a teen social network and game site that had thousands of members. He managed a regional media organisation that combined terrestrial radio and the internet in innovative ways. Through it all the core of his community knowledge comes from direct personal experience living and working with others who are consciously building lasting relationships as the building blocks of community.

Maria Euler @MariaEuler

Community Manager , Edgeryders
Interdisciplinary artist and design researcher as well as a community manager for edgeryder with a background in physics, fine art and a Master in Information Experience Design from the Royal Collge of Art. She searches for points of connection and entry, between disciplines, complex scientific concepts, discussion, emotional and tangible experiences and people. She worked with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Inclusive Design and the Financial Education startup Gimi as a researcher and UX Designer. She also was part of multiple successful art-science collaborations as for example with the Bristol Laboratory for Quantum Computing and exhibited interactive installations at venues and festivals across Europe such as Sonar+D, I-Gem and VrSci. Her goal is to enable different approaches and connections to increase the diversity and creativity of the discourse on art, science and technology.

Marina Batinic @marina

Project Manager , Edgeryders

Marina is a project manager, specialised in cultural education, art, creativity and cultural heritage. Trained in knowledge management (European Commission, DG DEVCO), experienced in European project management (project coordinator at the Historical Research Center on Mediterranean Societies, University of Perpignan) and international cooperation (Ecole de Chaillot, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine, Paris). Founder of the Culture Hub Croatia which aims to strengthen the local cultural and creative sector and foster cross-sectorial innovation.

Matthias Ansorg @matthias

Co-founder and CTO , Edgeryders

Matthias is a computer scientist and technology generalist with a long experience in open source software and hardware development. A social innovator and digital entrepreneur who has studied alternative value measurement and non-monetary economic exchange mechanisms extensively for his award-winning commons funding platform PayCoupons (former Makerfox). Solid expertise in software development, integration and maintenance; has built the edgeryders.eu online platform.

Nadia E.N. @nadia

Co-Founder, Edgeryders
Engineer and designer born in Sweden to African parents, raised in Europe and Asia. A bridge person between activist networks of marginalised groups, artists, civil society, entrepreneurs, media and government. Nadia’s role in Edgeryders to serve our global community of brilliant misfits via the not-for-profit company that builds and manages the infrastructure sustaining it. In practice this translates into laying out the vision, building strategic partnerships, driving flagship projects and managing crews on different projects. Easy to bribe with good food.

Natalia Skoczylas @natalia_skoczylas

Community Organiser, Edgeryders

Natalia Skoczylas is a political scientist by training, deeply interested in politics, equality, solidarity, social justice, feminism, contemporary art, and libre technologies. She is a community mobilizer at Edgeryders, a storyteller (OpenCare, POPRebel and others) and event producer (LOTE, Open Village, Culture Culture). She works independently in various fields: artistic curator and organiser at Endlich festival in Berlin, artist at Biennale of Design Ljubljana 2019, music critic and freelance journalist, project manager, cultural worker (independent event producer for Tektura squat in Lublin, communication for CODES festival in Lublin and Biennale of Design Ljubljana), museum curator (Music Instruments Museum in Indonesia), advisor (Artist Run Alliance), speaker and trainer.

Noemi Salantiu @noemi

Co-Founder and Community Manager, Edgeryders
Community manager and a co-founder of Edgeryders since 2012. Romanian living in Brussels. Movie buff and yogi.
A social scientist by education, for the longest time I wanted to stay and possibly work in my own country. I was one of the last “Romanian patriots”. Too curious about the world and drawn by places with freedom and diversity, I decided to leave and keep two homes in two different countries. My work in Edgeryders, a network organisation of over 5000 members, allows me to build and grow relationships everywhere I go, keep an open mind, and still have the place where I can ‘always go back’. Read more about my bubble generation here.

Oliver Sauter @BlackForestBoi

Founder, WorldBrain.io
I founded WorldBrain.io , a steward ownership business with the goal of battling online misinformation and societal polarisation at scale. We are building open-source tools for people to organise their online research, and build on other people’s research to understand complext topics quicker, deeper and with more nuance. Our tools are focused on providing maximum data sovereignty and freedom to move between providers - so no social or data lock-ins and full room for innovating on knowledge management tools. The two main tools we are developing are Memex and Storex . Also involved are @allegra and @JuliaV.

Rob Van Kranenburg @RobvanKranenburg

Director , Resonance Design

Rob van Kranenburg, @robvank, is the Founder of Council_IoT and #iotday; co-founder of Bricolabs.
He has authored The Internet of Things: A Critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID (2007); co-author of Situated Technologies Pamphlets 8. He is Director of Resonance Design BV, partnering in the NGI CSA Strategy NGI Forward.

Zenna @zelf

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Zmorda Djedidi @zmorda

Project Manager , Edgeryders
Data scientist with previous experience in supply chain management. During the last 5 years, I have developed interest in social innovation and community building. I joined Edgeryders as a community builder in 2017. I have been working to grow the community in Tunisia by creating and sharing opportunities with and for young people in the Middle East and North Africa.

Soenke Zehle @soenke

Media Theorist, Educator and Researcher at HBKsaar, Co-CEO K8

As a media theorist, I write, teach, curate, with a focus on collaborative arts-and-technology research. I mostly work together with others, even though I really enjoy writing and working with language more generally. Lecturer in Media Theory at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (HBKsaar), I am also managing co-director of K8 Institut für strategische Ästhetik gGmbH, the academy’s non-profit company for think tank, transfer, and training activities, as well as an affiliate researcher at the Ubiquitous Media Technologies Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Between 2012 and 2018 I worked as managing director of the academy’s xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab. Most recently, xm:lab colleagues and friends from across our networks have been exploring the question of anticipation, and it is that interest that has drawn me into edgeryders.

Christian Buggedei @JollyOrc

Ornamental Hermit, Product Owner at polypoly.eu and founder of Darcy.is
Working in IT for over 20 years now I help people to get the out of using their technology. Right now, I am trying to figure out ways to free humans from corporate surveillance and to create a more humane internet. This means developing better social media as well as building an infrastructure that get everyone into control of their own data again.

Erik - Trixter - Lönroth @erik_lonroth

Open Source Expert, IT Entrepreneur, Technical Manager of High Performance Computing at Scania, Software Engineer and Burner by heart
I have embraced the core values of free & open source in most parts of my life. I’ve had the privilege to architect viable open source business strategies for small and large enterprises, implemented them in technology and nowadays giving advice about pressing issues of our digital lives. I find purpose in sharing my experiences, knowledge, dreams and thoughts on these matters with anyone that wants to play.


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