Updates and next steps for the Event Organisers

Dear Edgeryder NGI Festival Event Organisers,

Time is moving fast and we are looking forward to your events in November! To make them the best they could be we need a few more information and a post about your event to use to reach out to interesting participants and discussion members.

Here a list of the next steps:

  1. Please give your event a title and share that with us by filling it in here in the programme overview or simply answering to that thread.

  2. If you haven’t done so already, please write a post about your event with information such as this example about the AI event in Brussels. We would like to have those posts up by Monday the 7th of October, latest by the 10th. We know all of you are amazing and busy people, but we need to be able to communicate the events as soon as possible to make the best impact for all of us! Once you have written you post we can push your post and include it in the minisite for the festival https://festival.edgeryders.eu/ which you can also use to share with those interested to orient themselves better about the festival and to sign up to join :slight_smile:

  3. Each of the NGI related event posts needs to have a “Frequently asked Questions” footer added to them. You can find the template here. Just copy it in edit mode, past it under your post and make sure to adjust the second paragraph which names the organisers with your and your collaborator’s names.

  4. Please post a short one-paragraph bio of yourself here if you are not already in that post

  5. The next Community Call on Tuessday the 8th of October 18:00 Brussels time is for you to discuss how to collaborate with events locally and how to organise and finance travels for those that are not yet there :slight_smile: (Launch Meeting - Zoom)

  6. It would be great to also have more 1-1 calls to discuss your events in detail! Please send me some dates and times that would work for you personally :slight_smile:

  7. It would be great to get a short interview with each of you wonderful interesting people! We are planning how to organise and shedule those in the leading up to the festival in its own thread Schedule of interviews to do with participants and content contributors ahead of the festival

If you have any question just ask!

It is great to create something with amazing people such as you!

Ping @zelf, @pbihr, @JollyOrc, @mrchrisadams, @BlackForestBoi, @synchroknot, @soenke, @erik_lonroth, @noemi, @nadia


Hello Maria!

I cant open the FAQ post in edit mode… Cant add the template…


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Made it a wiki- try now?


thx much !!!


Hi @nadia updated the wiki, is that ok? Will the info be transferred to the edgeryders event site or should we do this individually? As more info comes in we will complete the wiki (with times, for instance).

How about we do both so as to ensure that no matter where people are coming from, they see the information? What do you think?

@soenke can you link your post for the event? We just tagg it accordingly and it will be immediately pushed to the minisite :slight_smile:

@MariaEuler Anticipate ! Exploring Collective Intelligence Design

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@soenke Great! Will push it in the minisite this evening. :slight_smile:

Also, is this something for you?

Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design is offering a second round of grants and I know they are especially welcoming applications from arts/design.

Up to £30k per grant available for ‘experiments that generate new knowledge on how to advance collective intelligence to solve social problems’.

Deadline 25th October.

More info here and on how to apply:

Collective Intelligence Grants: Call for ideas | Nesta

An example of an arts project that was successfully funded in last year’s round:


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@MariaEuler Absolutely and thx much. If there is anyone from across edgeryders interested in co-developing a proposal pls ping me, would love to use that opportunity to get to know people from the network and co-create !


edited your event description and everyone else’s with FAQ section.

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I’m confused about the process of signing up to events.

In The FAQ, it say to: register an account with edgeryders and present yourself to the community.

While the website https://festival.edgeryders.eu/ seems to be the way in.

@nadia @MariaEuler etc… What do think we should communicate here?

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@erik_lonroth, this is a very relevant point. We will come back to you as soon as possible and are happy to discuss it here. What is your opinion on the sing up process? What works best?

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Process is: People who sign up via the website are assumed to be totally new to anything and everything edgeryders, maybe never had contact with any of us or know at all how this works. And may not have clear ideas about what event they might want to go to.

People who drop in to the individual session/event description on the platform (like yours) are assumed to be interested in participating in that event.

In both cases they will need to create an account and introduce themselves as well as pick some tasks to help with in order to secure their tickets. The difference is the order in which they do it. But, if this seems confusing we can and ought to simplify it - which I think is being discussed here: Onboarding form proposals


In my opinion, its good for the festival if “outside” people can know exactly how to signup for the explicit events. As an organizers, we would need to know how many participants has signed for “a” particular event - for planning food etc.

Its not clear to me today how I can follow up on this or even tell people where to signup. Or do I need to manage my own signup page/form?