Find a solution to match LOTE5 #fail stories with a specific target audience

@Matteo_Uguzzoni was a speaker in the first edition of FuckUp Nights Milan, he shared an interesting insight: what matters in FUN is how you match the FuckUp story with a specific audience. 

He’s leading a task on how to find a solution to this. This is his proposal:

Design a strategy that helps Speakers to reach an audience that can bring back some value to them, in the networking session.

On this i imagine a 4 step process that i can manage (when we define the speaker’s list):

  • mail 1 > to Speakers > in your professional dreams what had to happen after your LOTE speech?

  • mail 2 > to Speakers > send me a map of people that are key for you in this moment (from a life or business point of view)

  • After this we can track and find this people and invite them directly (mail3)

(problem > we have to save some tickets -3 x speaker- and we will have people that are in without doing nothing…what do you think?)

  • We will be in charge then to introduce the invited one to the speakers.

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Yesterday i had an interesting conversation with the FuckUp-Milan organizer (her name is Montserrat Fernandez Blanco and she’s from the ImpactHub network). We will test this matching solution in the December session, so we will see if it works and optimize it for the Lote5. @ireinga what do you think?

I read that we already have two speakers, so do you think that is ok to start e-mailing them? @Natalia_Skoczylas what do you think? (and by the way, CIAO! super happy to meet you again!)


I see it now

So now I think I get it… so Matteo you would like to try a process that starts before the event. So at this point the Creative industries track is about practical #unfailing by testing good processes. I don’t see any problem having people attending who do not contribute beforehand, I’m sure we’ll find something for them to help with onsite. But your method does require having the list of speakers final as soon as possible so the matching can be done on time.

Fyi Matteo if you have other speakers in mind for your Creative industries track and need to explain or present Lote, this is a model just posted on slideshare by @Nadia:

Welcome to #LOTE5: Event Invitation from Edgeryders Lbg

Prototyping == good

“Try it and see if it works” is always a good thing in my book… my 2 cents smiley

Hey, I like the idea but it will require a bit of intense research and outreach in order to get enough people to match (I mean,more to make sure they’re here) but it’s not impossible;) Let’s see how it works, but we can also think of alternatives if you like. And I am super happy to finally meet you again after such a long time @Matteo_Uguzzoni ,  hell yes!

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First shot > Fail! But let’s persist

Hi everybody!

Last week i’ve tried to start the matching process.

When i’m writing just one of the three speaker asked for a specific guy (a very famous one), of course i didn’t get him to the december FUN, but i forwarded the answer to the speaker and it was pleased for the try.

This week i will send a follow up to the other two speaker and let’s see.

One thing that i will try is to ask for kind of audience (journalist/startuppers/ventures), instead of single people. Maybe for us is better: we are more free to contact people that are already in ours networks.


First Test > Results

Dear all,

an update to sum up what we did in the december FUN.

I sent e-mails to the speakers (3)

one reply but i can’t bring the guy he asked for in the audience.

The others replied me that they shared the invitation with friends and was enough for them.

(> FAIL)

Two of them added to the speech the chapter “What’s next” and this was key to generate interesting effects. Two speakers started a conversation to collaborate on a new business together and from the audience comes a lady that is now becoming a very promising client for the new business of one of them.


So for the next FUN, Montserrat will organize a dinner 2 weeks BEFORE the events, so the speakers already know each other and increase the complicity between them. And she will share also stories form the previous FUN so the speakers themselves can build a more effective speech.

How to adapt this to LOTE?

From the social/complicity point of view i think that the online work is already building this, and the warm up night will be enough.

I’m pretty sure that in the audience there will be possible partner so maybe just suggest to the speaker to add also a section where they describe what’s next, will be cool to generate partnerships.