Report of recent events and questions of how to do the follow up work

The freelancer events ( What freelancers really need - How can technology help freelancers to thrive and where do we desperately need to improve? and Freelancing, Remote Work, Technology and ... Childcare?) were good content and panels and lead to a bunch of useful topic hocks that I will follow up on (see note fro childcare here and for tech dev here), but not a huge audience. I had expected that being part of the freelancer week would mean that they would do some outreach for the events, but their website was quite badly designed and I do not think anyone found events through that. However, they were very helpful in finding people for the panels.

I think the process I used for preparation worked well and I would like to develop it further. I had made the posts 2 weeks in advance starting to source questions from the community and also joined the meeting of the ethno-team shortly before and invited the ethno team concretely to add some questions that would make sense with what they are currently finding. I then gathered all those questions up a day before the event and send them to the panellists, asking them which they would be interested in reacting to most. Some answered very concrete, for the others I distributed the questions based on the information they had given in their bio’s that were posted on platform ( Matthew Mottola , Dani Ifrim , Nicole Gray, and here the childcare panellists) and linked to the event posts. This way we had quasi audience engagement through those questions and I could plan and time the events rather well. I will write the summaries of the events today and then ask Laura to proofread them as multiple of the panellists asked to further share and publish those articles. Just two of multiple topics that I want to follow from there: In regards to the childcare one: I want a discussion asking specifically tech-savvy parents how they see tech use fo their children. In regards to the freelancer and tech one: There was a very clear conclusion there that the further development of tech for freelancers would have to focus on enabling collaboration between multiple freelancers. team tools are made for organisations, not for freelancers, but increasingly, freelancers work together in teams. “Collaboratio over competition” was the final credo of the session. There were also ideas for future tools collected in the thought experiment session. As said, working on those follow-up articles. The recordings can be found on the shared drive. The panel participants would be good contacts also for future things. For the remote work stuff, you mentioned author workshops. Matthew Mottola (Matthew Mottola - Will join for a triad conversation on Freelancing + Tech + Resilience) for example is very well spoken on this and author of “The huma cloud”. An Van and Christian from the childcare event (Freelancing, Remote Work, Technology and ... Childcare – Panelists) Had some very interesting points on new work and tech development that I think we should follow up with them.
I think the learnings and connections from the events could be useful for the remote work project edgeryders is taking on. The panellists gave positive feedback on the organisation of the events and the questions asked.
Will also fill in my bio in the remote work thing today.
So: I think the format was good but would have needed more outreach and the follow up is actually extremely crucial.

Finished the first follow up summary today, but in general, it would be good to discuss how much resources we have for that as it costs a lot of time. Could I request Laura or other copywriters to do such write-ups (or at least proofreading).