Fun T-Shirts for Edgeryders

Here is a workshop for both Edgeryders and interested people of Matera, upcycling used textiles by printing a logo on it. This works very well with ones favorite T-shirt, but can also be done on bags, which you make out of old bedsheets, on skirts and even on trousers.

Everybody can do it, a child of five years with a prepared stencil as well as an artist, who might create her own stencil before.

If it is done on dark colours, you only need chlorate bleach.

On light colours, we will use special washable paint. Plastic sheet for the stencils can be something used before or leftover material of for example building a garden pond.

In that way even moneyless living people can have their gadget and we try one sustainable way of getting what we want.

The workshop will be scheduled for two hours for those who want to experience the whole process from cutting a stencil up to the finished “print”. People who only wish to have a shirt or bag with an LOTE 4 logo can just drop in, do their job using a prepared stencil and leave again.

Mind: The items have to be washed and dried after the process, so that you cannot have them before the day after the session.

Date: 2014-10-25 13:30:00 - 2014-10-25 13:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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a few questions (im putting together program info)

Hi Anna,

This session looks interesting and a nice opportunity to finally get around to something we have been talking about doing for ever :slight_smile: In another thread there is a long discussion about T-shirts. Does the technique work well for other objects than T-shirts? I know you said bags, how about scarves (cc @katalin)?

Because I am putting together the information for the program to give to participants ahead of their arrival I am asking everyone who is running a session for some information. It helps us make it easier for everyone to know what is going on, what needs to be prepared and who to contact about what. Would you mind answering these questions?

  1. How much time do you need for the workshop?

  2. Where do you plan to hold it and what resources do you need: printer, projector, speakers, materials to purchase, etc?  (If there are materials you need please let @Natalia_Skoczylas know what they are so we can make sure they are available on location- Natalia is already in Matera).

  3. Is it in English? Is it friendly to Italian speakers and if so do you think you can write one paragraph about it in the Italian?

  4. Is there something we would need to prepare in advance e.g instructions for participants? Stensils etc? And if so how do we prepare them?

  5. Do you have a short bio somewhere (1 paragraph) and a photo I can use for the program? And what’s the best way to reach you during the event…twitter/cell phone number/?

Dear Nadia, answering your questions in the order they are posed

0) The “printing” can be done with bleach on any coloured fabric but comes out at its best on dark colours. So for the proposed scarves (I understood they would have a light unMo Green) I would propose to take washable fabric colour , either in white or in a matching darker green. I will buy such colour and bring it with me to Matera. We could do a special printing session on thursday morning for the scarves, if requested. And I could prepare some stencils with the well known logo at home, so no time would be wasted on that. Just let me know the size you would find appropriate.

1) For the workshop I would need 2 hours.

2) The location should be well aeriated (door and or window to open), should have good lighting and access to running water. It would be helpful to have a floor which is easy to clean. Outside would be great given the weather is fine and not windy :slight_smile:

Printer in reach if someone wants to create a stencil from a picture they have on their computer could be helpful.

Nothing else of the things you mention is necessary.

3) It is in English (unfortunately I don’t speak Italian) but since it’s very practical and I just can show the process step by step it should be possible to follow no matter what language one speaks. If anybody would translate one significant paragraph of my workshop-description into proper Italian I would be grateful…

4) I have a short bio on Edgeryders. And a photo.

I hope, this is helpful.

See you soon.


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Why no time slot?


I have asked about this on your behalf.  (I am sitting across the room for what i understand to be program command central.)  You haven’t come down the pipeline; as far i can tell it is not intentional, it may be because your activity falls outside the three aspects of Stewardship that we are all being stuffed into (even if it is sometimes a strange fit.)  I also took a look at your workshop page ( that I clicked upon to come here ) I notice that you don’t have an ‘attend’ button and are therefore in the same category as Ben’s general comments from however long long ago you first posted this.  Again I have no idea if this is a mechanical oversight or if you are half-intentionally put to the side and forgotten because no one knows what to do with you.

It seems that your contact person is Nadia who is doing some of the curation.  However I have it anecdotally that she’s a very busy woman these days, hopefully she’ll pick up on it.

On a practical level the idiot unMonasterians operate without paper - yes I’ve sequestered a ream of a4 down below, but there is nary a printer/copy machine in sight.  The scarves are in hand, working with another Nadia, an unMon ally who has a linen shop up in the town.  We might try some hand dying with tea or red wine, but nobody is going anywhere near green and we were concentrating on embroidery as a more meditative, long term process suitable for unMoaners. There is a nasty smelling workshop area, but it hasn’t water.  Otherwise it’s the kitchen which has it’s own timetable commitments.

Natalia is taking care of it

This session is kind of a “fun” workshop thing, outside of curation space. It definitely gets a slot, @Natalia_Skoczylas will be in touch. No point pinging Nadia.

Fun T-Shirts for Edgeryders

Natalia has put me somewhere finally.

Never dreamed on invading the kitchen. Water basins will do if necessary. OTs are trained in improvising…

Thanks for mentioning the lack of paper. I’ll bring some. Will going to need a truck in the end…

If there’s anything I can do about the scarve question, please let me know.

I’ve placed the session on Sunday morning, please let me know if this is the right time - if not, we will try our best to find the perfect solution. I think Sunday can be a good moment for such a easy, fun activity once we get completely worn out after the intense two day conference. @Anna_Peregrina, stay in touch with me in any case and yes, definitelly get prepared;)

Fun T-Shirts for Edgeryders

Hi, Natalia!

If there 's no other space, it has to be sunday, but,  as I believe having mentioned elsewhere, it is a bit of a wet process and I don’t know whether the stuff (Shirts, bags) will dry before everybody wants to travel home. But maybe that should be none of my business :wink:

There is a timegap called “Freestyle” on saturday afternoon. What is this meant for? Would I fit in there perhaps?

Anyway, I’ll be prepared. For anything :slight_smile:


This is a great idea, @Natalia_Skoczylas and @Anna_Peregrina. I vote for freestyle!

unMon scarves

Hi Anna, the unMonastery scarves were never meant to be part of the sessions. It was a mix-up.


unMon scarves

Hi, Katalin,

I understood this and you’re right. It got mixed up a bit, but only in the posts, not in my mind.

I only offered my help because I seem to be the Textile Lady around.

I didn’t mean to interfere…

perfect, I’m just putting it in the freestyle box:) Happy to meet you soon! And really happy about the attitude;)

Fun T-Shirts for Edgeryders

Thanks @Natalia. Honestly, all the time when I was following you and Noemi building the conference program I was full of admiration and sometimes I pitied you a bit :wink: So much to take into consideration. So if I could contribute to make your life a tiny bit easier: My pleasure!              Looking forward to meet you, too.