Hacking back my creativity

I am so happy to have stumbled upon the EdgeRyders community through a hashtag on Twitter. I am a former American community organizer, (well, still American) who came abroad first to Kyrgyzstan and now Georgia to learn from, take part in and help drive political and societal change. What I hadn’t realized until I found EdgeRyders was that my seemingly endless search for work and some sort of income made me soft on seeking out new projects and community initiatives to take part in. I love the idea behind unMonastery, and hope to meet some truly interesting and inspirational folks at the Tbilisi future spotters event!

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hey, great having you!

Welcome to Edgeryders, Lucia! I’m Noemi (re: hacking- my recent story is here) and I was lucky enough to meet some of the Georgian folks while in Tbilisi last month, with the Spot the Future project we’re doing.

Twitter seems to have worked for us and especially Georgians, it’s how I also met @HeatherY, Canadian in Georgia, with experience in community organising as well, having set up community radio in African countries (can’t remember which ones?). You two should meet, if you haven’t already…

If you’re coming to the Futurespotters International event in June, can you perhaps have a look at the work space where we’re building it collaboratively and see if there’s an area where you’d like to help? it would mean a lot, we have this thing where all Edgeryders events are built entirely bottom up, so if everyone takes a small piece of responsibility it contributes to a bigger and more generative event for all.

Looking forward to read more about your work!


Great to have you here! If you have time, we’re meeting today at 5pm at cafe bauhaus in Tbilisi with some of the other georgia futurespotters 3rd Georgia #FutureSpotters bi-weekly meet-up! - Spot the Future Georgia - Edgeryders

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See you there!

Thanks, Inge! I actually conveniently saw the meet-up yesterday when I was cruising the site, so I look forward to meeting you today.



Hi Noemi,

Thanks for the welcome! I am still checking out the workspace and finding a way where I can fit in and help out, and I certainly will if I can. I’m headed to the meetup today, so hopefully I can find a useful way to pitch in!