Calling bloggers and new media gurus: a shoutout for #Futurespotters?

Preparations for our community gathering continue…! Among @Inge, @Khatuna, #Futurespotters Tbilisi, myself and more we are trying to get everything into place before June walks in, and of course everyone is invited to lend a hand. The twitterstorm was a hit, and people like @luciasavchick learned about the project on the occasion, showed up and introduced herself here. But that is a one time party on twitter, we need consistent writeups to drive engagement for the event. We need media allies to show some love!

Futurespotters International event. Tbilisi, 24-26 June

#Bottomup. #Nospectators

Time to echo the awesomeness.

If you’re someone working for a media outlet, you’re a photographer or a blogger in Egypt, Armenia, Georgia and beyond, here’s how you can join and support a wild international crowd, while promoting a great story.

The story is: Online collaboration between change makers in different countries who are building the Future. They’re celebrating and putting faces to names behind keyboards at a physical gathering.

We need your help to spread #futurespotters community enthusiasm, and reach out to more tribes of people working to affect social change, invite EVERYONE along for the ride. Radical voices, critical voices, idealist voices, all are welcome.

Help and build yourself social capital! 

  • Consider writing a blog post in the upcoming week and publish it on your blog or on a media platform you are member of. It would be great if you wrote in your native language - and then maybe someone helps translate and re-post in English. We can re-publish it on the edgeryders platform, or help with visual imagery. 
  • either way, our social media team helps spread it and we'll shout out your name, website etc. We promise to make you look good, as you'll be part of the movement we're building.
  • You are of course invited to join the community in Tbilisi. Registration still open and free!


About the Spot the Future project

A new event format

Who are Futurespotters?

Please spread this call among your friends and networks. Let’s make this worthwhile, together.