How to do decentralization - research findings + 7 maxims

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I came across this very relevant report by the folks at simply secure, which surveys the challenges of doing decentralised design + some recommendations based on qualitative research with practitioners.

Would love to hear if the approach and findings resonate with all the geeki decentralization affinados on this platform! See below for summary of/ link to the research:

"A growing number of technologists are challenging the consolidation of power over digital information systems by creating decentralized protocols and applications. Where government and corporate control are causing harm, decentralized technologies can bring about autonomy, resilience, and equity. However, there is a significant gap between decentralized protocols and the applications that users want to adopt, and until now there hasn’t been a systematic survey of the needs and challenges for the people and projects involved.

Through a series of interviews and focus groups with technology designers and builders, we have identified 7 areas where projects can improve their own practice; where targeted research is necessary; and where funders need to step in to enable collaborative innovations."

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Thank you very much!

Could you also post a shirt list of theses 7 maxims you are refering to? Would be great to be able to react to them directly here.

  1. Collaboration. Projects need to collaborate on a stronger, galvanizing narrative by leveraging strategies from campaigning and movement building.
  2. Design. Designers need new patterns and approaches for driving the development of decentralized protocols and applications.
  3. Infrastructure. Funders need to prioritize the independent verifiability and resilience of shared digital infrastructure, such as app stores, browsers, hardware, and networking.
  4. Developer onboarding. Developers need more accessible education materials and training modules for decentralized architecture patterns.
  5. Trust models. Projects need to design with vulnerable populations in mind, and adopt privacy and safety frameworks specific to decentralization.
  6. Sustainability. Funders need to innovate on strategies for sustaining projects and attracting talent.
  7. Governance. Technologies need to define governance models to align value and build a sustainable culture for long-term project value and stability.
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