The house that Jack built: how to deconstruct societal systems


Dear community,

It has been another important week of critically analysing and challenging the unfair systems that our societies have been built upon.

Momentum has been increasing in this demand for change. Former US president Barack Obama told a livestream town hall held by My Brother’s Keeper alliance at the start of June that “a far more representative cross-section” of society has joined the current race protests compared to others in recent history.

Across Europe, countries have been confronting imbalanced systems that exacerbate privilege, power and oppression.

This week one of our members wrote a post highlighting how members of the community can support the deconstruction of the system of racial injustice and police brutality in the US here.

At a time when the world is challenging the inequality that underpins our societies, EdgeRyders’ community has been discussing how we can reform and build new structures free of inequality.

Decentralisation of power is one way of creating a fairer system, and one of our members started a conversation this week on how decentralised technologies can be created more effectively. Take a look here.

We have also been looking at ways to build alternative systems to ones that profit from our need to connect. To move away from commercial social media channels, we have set up a telegram channel and would like to further develop our chatbot Alice for optimal user experience. If you think you’ve got what it takes then have a look here.

One of our members attended a United Nations panel on the future of internet governance, a proposed structure that needs critical feedback. Join in the conversation here, if you have thoughts on how it could be structured.

Speaking about building things, a community member is looking for a senior developer to fill a technical leadership role at an edtech startup.

Finally, we are still in the process of creating an informative and engaging programme for our Livelihood summit in September and October. Our next listening session takes place on 22nd June and brings together knowledge from higher education policy makers and workers, unions and human rights defenders to discuss the possibilities of making a living after years of study.

In case you missed it

On Tuesday June 16th we are holding a Zoom meeting to discuss what we can learn from the Messina district in Sicily. The area has 120 enterprises that in the last decade have worked together to built a human-centric economy, bringing stability and prosperity to an area of high unemployment.

Have a thoughtful weekend.

*Video art: Structure: A Microscopic Landscape in 4k by Drew Garaci*

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