Conversation Overview 10th of June 2020: Structures to build, structures to see, structures to break

Dear community,

This week’s conversations have been concerned with structures on many different levels and stages. Some of which we ask you to develop with us, some of which we question critically and some of which we discuss how to break and decentralise.

A structure to definitely break:

To start, due to current yet systemically ingrained and therefore well too long ongoing events, we would like to ask you to check out this post by our own @amelia about how to support the movements against police brutality and systemic racism.

A structure we want to build to be more independent from commercial structures:

To be more independent from commercial social media and have another direct connection to our wider community, we now have an Ederyders telegram channel. To connect it with the platform we would like to develop our chatbot “Alice” further.

Are you interested in joining in helping to develop Alice?

A proposed structure that needs critical feedback:

How does “The Future of Internet Governance” look like? On of our community members has attended the United Nations’ Secretary-General High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation and provides us not only with a summary and schematic, but also with critical questions:

A proposed structure for decentralization research:

"A growing number of technologists are challenging the consolidation of power over digital information systems by creating decentralized protocols and applications. Where government and corporate control are causing harm, decentralized technologies can bring about autonomy, resilience, and equity.”

What stories and ideas do you have regarding the 7 maxims and areas of research for decentralisation development presented here?

An animation that lets you see the IOH community structure grow over time:

Last week we presented you the first animation of Edgeryders overall network development. This week we are excited about the first detailed animation of the growth of the IOH/NGI Community. Which pattern chan you see?

Is there a structural difference between open source and proprietary code?

The EU Code icebreaker week did not mention opensource development in their agenda at all and this reignited the conversation in this thread. Do you think that open source as code has a differentiator from proprietary code. If not, which values do think it adds? Teaching Teachers Open Source

Job opportunity:

We would like to bring another job opportunity to your attention that comes through the community. Do you want to work with a community-friendly edtech startup?

Finally, what’s next with the “Making a livelihood” summit?

And invite you to the next presummit listening session: On the 22nd of June we will bring together knowledge workers and policymakers in higher education, also allying with unions and rights defenders, with their histories of mobility, migration and refuge. How can we make a living after years of studying?

We are merging the conversation also with this thread to ask even more critically, How can we avoid the further bullshitisation of academic work?

Thank you for being here, you are a great community and support structure, on different levels and in a decentralised manner :wink:


ping @marina, @Heshanij,@Markus_D and @lroddy

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Hi all, not sure about where best to post this - but given the Breaking, Building and Seeing of structures theme it seems a good place to start.

This is a proposal to transform how our cultures remember history - i’ve Applied it to UK context inspired by my experiences in Berlin, but would love to get feedback on how it lands before I amplify.

In essence - melt the statues down, transform them into plaques to remind people of the injustices upon which the institutions that serve them are built. Make history visible, without celebrating abusers.

If it doesn’t resonate, especially with people who have suffered at the hands of intergenerational legacy injustice then I won’t amplify it.

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