First #LOTE4 conference tickets earned!

The fourth edition of Living On The Edge (Lote4) is approaching fast and the community is busy planning everything. We try to make it so that each bit of collaborative work is accounted for and amounts to earning a conference ticket. This way the collective effort and huge amount of talent and generosity Edgeryders have will be acknowledged and systematically rewarded. Learn more

The work is done on the Edgeryders platform, and the progress is documented on Makerfox.  Our conference coordinator @Natalia Skoczylas has a fairly good overview of which Edgeryders joined a team, claimed a task (example) and how much work has been completed. Every time tasks are completed, Natalia is transferring currency into your MakerFox account. When you reach the amount needed to buy the Lote4 ticket, an automatic deal will be made, followed by an email to you with the ticket.*

Who got a ticket already? When do I get mine?

Here is an automatically updated list of everyone who has ordered a LOTE4 ticket on Makerfox, and the progress they made towards getting it:

(If you can’t see the list embedded above, you can also see the list here.)

Congrats @amiridina, @Hazem, @mariabyck, @Kei for getting yours! Make sure you stay in touch with Natalia for further details?

Some notes to help us move forward, while limiting things we could easily oversee:

  • Those coordinating Lote4 teams get their ticket immediately, as a lot of work is being done in addition to specific tasks. Same for Edgeryders who propose sessions, as that takes hours, even days of preparation. Propose a session to get your ticket?
  • If you have done work but your name is not up there, it’s probably because you’re not on Makerfox. Register and order the ticket. Your name will appear on the list above and you’ll be able to track your work. To make our work faster, send your Makerfox nickname to right after getting your account - this way transfers and deals will be done immediately.
  • You may have done work elsewhere than on and we are missing it entirely? Let us know in a comment below and we’ll fix it.
  • If you feel at a loss with respect to the ways to get involved and join LOTE4, the way to start is: Join a team -> Click on the team page and leave a comment. Nothing happens on Edgeryders until you start interacting.. Offer to help with anything you think is needed and we will be able to issue you a ticket.
  • Barter something else in exchange for a ticket! MakerFox is a platform supporting all kinds of barter exchanges, and we probably shouldn't restrict ourselves to bartering existing Lote4 tasks in exchange for the ticket. If you want to come to Matera and have ordered a ticket, feel free to offer something else in return. Think of something for Edgeryders - a service or a product.

Improving our ticket management? We’ve initially estimated the cost of a ticket at 2 days of work, which may be unrealistic for those busiest. How about lowering that threshold and double up the work value so more people can be involved without putting too much of a strain on them? Those who have completed the work already with an extra MakerFox credit can earn an extra ticket for a friend, so no losses there. Like we love saying, it’s all a prototype you know?

*A limited number of grants are available to support trips to Matera, and awarding them depends on the active role we are each taking in shaping this event, as early as possible. Natalia will let you know about the possibility when issuing your ticket.

I DID earn mine!

Hey, come on: why did albert-from-edgeryders not earn a ticket? I did carry out this task, and I even received a ticket from the Makerfox. :slight_smile:


How do you receive the ticket from the maker fox? Did you get an e-ticket? @Alberto


Got an email from saying “you have a new payment”.


Natalia had sent the payment to your phased-out account Makerfox “Alberto” … which, I remember, I was to delete long ago blush I have sent a payment from LOTE4 to Alberto-from-Edgeryders instead, now reflected correctly in the tickets report. You should have got two e-mails from the Makerfox now, and will get one more from Natalia with the actual e-ticket:

  1. A first one to say "you got a new payment" – means there is a pending payment now to compensate you for your tasks.
  2. A second one to say "you got a new deal" – here, your payment and your ticket order were combined into a network barter deal, so the payment to you went through, and in exchange you "bought" a LOTE4 ticket.
  3. An e-mail from Natalia with the actual e-ticket to show at the LOTE4 gate :D

I have just discovered that the Makerfox will only find one ticket trade at a time, but I can send him out again and he will find another one. So I let him find all the available ticket trades right now, means everyone at ≥100% in the tickets report now got their ticket trade executed now (10 in total). @#678 , you can send out the next batch of tickets now … the Makerfox says sorry for the delay in trade execution …

Loading accounts once Edgeryders engage in platform activity

Ok, so it seems waiting in batches takes too long, @Natalia_Skoczylas can we make sure when someone completes a task eg Katalin fixing website copy here, their Makerfox accounts get loaded immediately? Then within a day or so their ticket should be emailed.

Of course, but for some reasons all the deals on makerfox are on hold still. I don’t want to send the tickets without the barter being done first. So, I sent another email to Matthias and I hope this will be done today. Anyway, @amiridina, your ticket is earned, so you can just wait for it to be emailed to you, while doing all the bureaucracy already.

No deals in the pipeline – ticket orders missing

Just answered you some minutes ago. The problem is that currently, there are no more deals to be found, because for the remaining four cases people need to order their ticket on Makerfox first :slight_smile: I just checked in the database, and all these four users have “0 active market orders”, meaning they have to order a ticket still. (Noemi, for the future: you can check that too, in the “Administration → Users” table as Makerfox admin.)

Anyway, it’s quite a lot of bureaucratic overhead that I don’t like. At this time, I don’t have any affordable idea for solving this though …

Ok just emailed all the missing orders, i hope it will go fast now. This procedure is a real burden, sorry for you Matthias.