Job Opening: OpenVillage Festival producer in Brussels

Job Opening: OpenVillage Festival producer in Brussels

Hi Everyone!

On October 19-21 we are launching a new phase in the edgeryders story. The OpenVillage Festival brings together people who are experimenting new ways in which we can provide care for one another. As individuals, groups, communities. It is also where we barnraise for Edgeryders Reef.

We are looking for one person to lead the production of the event, in Brussels.

You’d need to commit to the work (part time) for the next months: July/August-October. The main responsibilities would be:

Identify and reach out to Belgium-based people doing interesting work in communities working to provide health or social care to individuals from all over. As part of this, you will:

  • organise 3 regular events like Aperos or dinners in Brussels (relatively intimate, hosts + cca 6-8 people interested)
  • follow the callendar of key local events, and get in touch with organisers and speakers/ session leaders to join an Apero/ Evening talk and dinner

Scout for venue, organise the space, logistic equipment, catering for up to three conference days

  • identify & contract service providers
  • ensure timely payments are made
  • Build and manage a team of minimum 5 volunteers for the 3 days. Volunteers will be in charge of check in desks; communicate the rules of the space to participants; timekeep during sessions; social events; kitchen schedule (if a community kitchen will be available); recycling facilities; giving directions and guiding participants to key rooms, side venues etc.

The work will require you to have your own company registered/ ability to invoice. We have a rough idea of the budget available but are open to discussing the details.

Deadline: The position will be filled as soon as we find someone suitable. New tasks or a subset of these tasks can be taken on board depending on the person’s availability and skillset. Interested? Write to or come to the weekly edgeryders community call, Wednesday at 18:00 CET in our usual google hangout.

Throwback to 2014: this is what Edgeryders events tend to play out…
LOTE4: The Stewardship.

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Process and budget?

Ahead of a call with @Rozina and @khushboo.b9 : @Noemi and I have reflected on a process we would like to have the producers to follow in building the event with us:

  1. The weekly community call. Every week the producers runs a one hour online video, document what is said, and publish it as a short post in the Openvillage- Coordination group. The weekly calls always take place on the same day and same time every week to simplify communication. Ahead of each call, they prepare an agenda for what will be discussed, and publish it in the form of an event on eventbright/FB. Time estimate: 3 hrs/ weekly call.

  2. The monthly evening talk and dinner. The producers crowdsource a calendar of interesting events taking place in Belgium (Brussels). They then build partnerships with the organisers of the events to organise evening talks and dinners to which people who attend the main events are invited as featured speakers. See a previous one we did with @Ezio_Manzini. Discussions during the event are summarise in a blogpost and published on OpenVillage Coordination Group. Time estimate: 1 day/ month to update the calendar + 3 days to organise each event ( set up eventbright/FB event & Circulate invitations + catering).

  3. Social Media. Help @Owen to produce status updates (tweets) in French and Dutch for the weekly featured posts right after our weekly coordination call. Owill publish a post like this one, and the producers post the status updates as comments. Time estimate: 20 minutes/week.