Join the #LOTE5 Social Media Content Curating Skype Call

During this Skype call we will curate content (organize a social media calendar) for our #LOTE5 outreach.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated quite a lot of really high quality content around challenges and solutions on the platform. People put a lot of effort into writing first hand experience stories on failing, or creative attempts to unfail them. Others have shared their own reflections and experiences around these stories.

We go through a list of every single status update on the Edgeryders FB page this year

  • We will go over the list;
  • Collect the stories (topics & sessions) relevant to \#LOTE5
  • And update the social media calendar

Joining is easy:  add edgeryders on skype and leave a comment below (add your skype handle) so we know you want to participate, and make sure you are logged onto skype on Thursday afternoon at 17:00 CET.

Date: 2015-12-10 16:00:00 - 2015-12-10 16:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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Location? Skype?

I think the simplest is to tell people to add edgeryders on skype, leave a comment here so we know to call them in, and then be logged in at the right time.

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good point.


Local outreach

I will join from 17-18h (FuckUp Night duties after) and then make a communication strategy with Smartbe and Ayay to engage Brussels/Belgian players.

Very curious!

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Also, people hosting visitors in their homes :slight_smile:

Two years ago Asta had the idea to reach out to the Belgian couchsurfing community and others offering them tickets to lote in exchange for hosting particiants from abroad in their homes. It was a nice way for people to make new friends and get to know the city as well, as well as a nice way for local participants to get introduced to the scene from other Edgeryders. What do you think? I think we can find the documents Asta put together : there are even translations in French and Dutch. What we need is someone who can volunteer to manage this. So if you know anyone who wants to help on some practical task, this si pretty straightforward. And a fun way to meet ALOT of new people :slight_smile:


Ok I can do this. As you know I’m a CS ambassador so normally members would answer my requests as I’m credible haha

Can someone prepare the text to be sent to hosts in Brussels though as I’m uber stretched these days?


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Ok materials prepared now!

We need to set up a task for helping to coordinate the travel and accommodations for participants to help everyone keep costs low. Anna would you be up for driving this Anna?

I suggest that we include the following steps as part of the requirements to be eligible for tickets and travel grants @Noemi.

  1. A minisite page on venue and accommodations (1st draft of text here).

  2. A call for people to host edgeryders during the event: in English (needs photo) / French (still missing)/ Dutch (needs updating + photo)

  3. Would be participants to fill in this form


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Works! I might need assistance though if it starts getting too hectic!

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Edgeryders Social Media Curation Rotation

Hello All

In our last skype call - curating content from fb posts was one of the task outlined.

There are total of 207 posts updates from fb till Dec 9/2015. I have gone through 58 entries and linked them on other sheet of “curation rotation”. 149 left, on an average it takes 20 entries per 30 minutes, i guess I can finish this in another 3 hours by the end of Tuesday.

I have able to post links/heading/tags under different categories on the sheet


This is really great, thank you Adil!

So the two tasks were

  1. Curate your own Edgeryders [hi[story:

  2. Learn to become a crowdmagician:

Cu ration Rotation from FB till Dec 9 is done

Hey All

The task to categorize fb status updates into curation rotation from this file  is done.

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