Let's talk about Alice - and how to have a good conversation with and Edgeryders chat bot

Hello, dear people of the IOH and Edgeryders community,

like many of you we are thinking about 1. how to be more independent from commercial social media platforms to converse and push our projects. We also want to 2. find features and UX would help to enable better experience and discourse here on this platform of ours.

To address the first, we no have a telegram channel which we will use as a dissemination channel to replace social media moving forward. This in order to meet two needs: 1) give the community members an easily accessible way to stay on top of the best of edgeryders 2) further lessen our dependency on commercial social media services.

A channel where you can stay on top of the most interesting things happening in the Edgeryders community.

But now the question is how to best connect that new channel to the platform and moveback and fourth naturally without “conversation canibalism”.

One idea we can see how to archive that is to build upon the Edgeryders chat bot “Alice” That was started during the the EU vs Virus massive hackathon:


Would any of you be interested in developing her or some other kind of mechanism for forwarding and structuring important content/conversations from the telegram onto our home platform further?

“Alice” was specifically thought of a tool for frontline corona responders and community coordination in response to this post: Epistemic resilience of the medical community: a proposal that just came through

If anyone has time and interest to help finish the work it would help fix several things that simply don’t work with proprietary click trigger social media.

We can beta test it till we find a nice approach, good UX and community management practices etc…

Combining the best of many worlds :wink:

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