List of NGI events 2019-2020-2021

@hugi any updates on these two events? From now on there is a template to be filled-in for the coordinator containing more information.

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I ended upp skipping Bornhack.
I’m leaving for CCC on Wednesday morning.
What’s in the template?

I also skipped Bornhack, also heading to CCC on Wednesday!

Hugi, I’ll add you to the ssb group chat if you’re not already in too :sparkles:

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I uploaded the form on our Drive, you can find it here. This is to be filled in for the events we are organizing or those in which we have workshops or presentations relevant for NGI. For each of them a short report will be needed afterwards. If this is the case for CCC please fill it in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok, will do. Where do I put it once I’ve filled it in?

We can use the same folder where the template is (“outreach events”), NGI team drive

@MariaEuler and @marina I am updating everything here - what I am missing is the list of festival events - could you add them @marina ? @MariaEuler is busy with the event next week

the one by @lylycarrillo that was added in the very end of the festival misses:

1st of dec 2019.

will fill in above

but the link is dead.

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We would need them classified in two categories: organized by Edgeryders and third party events.

Also, were there any events before July 2019?

Missing from this list:


Listening session on surveillance pandemic organised by @alberto
Webinar on OpenSource by Erik Lönroth
Edgeryders participation in EU vs Virus Hackathon


Chris adams workshop on Service design in a climate emergency
Collective intelligence workshop by Liliana
Collective intelligence event by Soenke

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@marina i dont have capacity to add this stuff into the template so I have to leave it to you

no need to add in the template, we just need to update the list above in two categories of events (also identifying those that were the “onboarding” ones, as per the GA we need to have 12 in total, you told me there were 8 organized so far - which exactly are those?). I’ll add it then in the report myself.

oh - it seems we have organised many many more - pick what you want from the above

ok. did anything happen before July 2019?

you can see all events if you search for tag event or look in the events subcategory in the IOH category. But the platform is buggy at the moment so I cannot access them… :frowning:

ok, this looks complete now, I added all I knew / was able to find. Will double check everything once the links start working again. If you see any errors, or things missing please let me know.


@nadia @MariaEuler we need the number of attendees for each event we organized. Is there data for this? registration forms?

i think @mariaeuler has the data for the festival events?

I have some sheets I made for the festival for the purpose of reaching up to the participants signing up. I am not sure that those are complete, as for example also John reached out to some.

here are the sheets I can find now:
sign ups and answer status - Google Tabellen (44 people)
the airtable is here: Sign in - Airtable, and it adds up mainly. (47 people) On the airtable people give information on their background, so I can get numbers from there.

I think there were some more last minute participants who joined locally or via the platform short notice each event.

the proposals are here, so these go in addition to the participants as this are involved people and organisers; (ca 19 people (with edgeryder staff)

This one is just for Eriks event, I made this a bit more in detail since he needed help reaching out:
TEaching teachers participnts with sotry - Google Tabellen (8 people)

And then the "internetdagarna"in Stockholm should have added a very big number of people (with for some reason a very high percentage of librarians) we have to ask Hugi for where we can find the numbers for that.

But maybe the best form of getting the approximativ numbers and stakeholder reports would be to take it from the forms we filled in for each of the events during/shortly after the event:

Taking form there the overview for the festival would be:

Event name: Anticipate ! Exploring Collective Intelligence Design
Date 18/11; 28/11; 29/11 (3 days)
Venue / location Saarbruecken, Germany
Organiser Edgeryders, Soenke Zehle, Co-hosted by xm:lab - Experimental Media Lab,

K8 of the Academy of Fine Arts Saar

  • Number of attendees: 50
  • Stakeholders reached: Local students (art academy, university, university of applied science), citizens
    active in fields such as eco-architecture, upcycling / circular economy, smes
    using open technologies, policy makers interested in the relationship
    between technological and non-technological innovation.

**Event name**: Workshop on Inequalities in the age of AI, what they are, how they work

and what we can do about them

Date 19/11
Venue / location Brussels
Organiser Edgeryders
Number of attendees: 100
Stakeholders reached: Policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, civil society, tech industry insiders

**Event name:** Hackathon for Ethical Solutions to Unethical problems Date 22/11 - 24/11 (2 days) Venue / location Berlin Organiser Edgeryders **Number of attendees: 50** **Stakeholders reached: Technologists and entrepreneurs**

Event name: Internetdagarna
Date 24/11/2019 - 25/11/2019
Venue / location Stockholm Waterfront
Organiser The conference is organized by The Swedish Internet Foundation.
Number of attendees 2000+ (* Maybe 60 - 100 or so signed up with us/ talked to us, we have numbers on that somewhere, have to ask @hugi )

Stakeholders reached: Industry, policymakers, media, interested public

**Event name** Teaching Teachers Open Source Date 28/11 Venue / location Stockholm, Sweden Organiser Edgeryders, Erik Lönroth **Number of attendees 20** **Stakeholders reached FOSS Community, Teachers, Pedagogues, Trainers at University in Sweden**

Event name What does tech look like on a finite, post-climate change earth?
Date 24/11
Venue / location Malmö, Sweden
Organiser Edgeryders, Zenna Fiscella
Number of attendees 25-30
Stakeholders reached Activists, researchers, artists

Event name Workshop on Service design in a climate emergency - What do digital services
in a world of net-zero look like? (+ talk: “Towards Carbon-Neutral Smart
Cities” by Peter Bhir)

Date 29/11
Venue / location Berlin, Germany
Organiser Edgeryders, Chris Adams, Peter Bhir
Number of attendees 20
Stakeholders reached Service Designers and providers from public and private sector

There are also some more forms in this folder for other events outside the festival: Events – Google Drive

I think these estimates are what the organisers would report, even if not all attended in person, they were surely reached via the online conversation.

We have the ticket signups from the airtable with peoples bio for the proof of their background structure and such. Should I make an overview of the reported backgrounds from the tickets signups?

We should also include the events of this year correct?

So for the share event with Nesta and DeLab, we have to ask them for the numbers and for the others I would need to do some more digging.

Do we also count impressions on the posts/stories of the events? If a post was read by 500 - 2000 people, then that is also reaching some stakeholders isn’t it?


ok, I added some numbers directly on the list above. Can you please address those with the question mark and edit? If there is no precise data it can also be an estimate.

In this case no, because we are asked to add numbers of people who actually participated at an event. On the other hand (and for the part A of the report) we need to estimate the overall numbers of different stakeholders reached.

For this, let’s continue the conversation here.