Matthew Mottola - Will join for a triad conversation on Freelancing + Tech + Resilience

We are planning an event in which to discuss how tech is and how it should be helping freelancer to do their work and be resilient.
What is there? what is needed? what is a problem?

It will be 1h conversation with representatives of freelancing, tech development and freelance organisations.

Meet our first confirmed speaker:

Matthew Mottola

Author of the Human Cloud, Co-Founder & CEO of Venture L - where the world’s best freelancers run their business.

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Matthew R Mottola builds the human cloud, the digital and remote model of work that over half the US workforce will transition to within the next five years.

Matthew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Venture L, the leading platform for freelancers to run their business, and author of upcoming book The Human Cloud.

Matthew has led and transformed today’s leading companies. At Microsoft, in joint partnership with Upwork, he built the Microsoft 365 freelance toolkit - the unlock for enterprises to embrace the human cloud at scale - bringing Microsoft from nascent to an industry leader in under two years. At Gigster, he built Ideation - a service that used freelance developers, data scientists, and product managers to consistently generate what should be built in the software development lifecycle. At Georgia Tech, he helped develop the entrepreneurship curriculum with Faculty of the Year awardee Arn Rubinoff and guest lectures.

Matthew is a recognized voice for leadership teams, public investors, and media. His work has been featured by Forbes and Fortune to name a few. He has been named a top 50 remote work expert to follow. He is an international keynote speaker, speaking at leading conferences Remote Work Summit and YPO’s Innovation Week to name a few. He advises through expert knowledge networks. He is the author of StartUp Not StartDown and contributor to leading industry reports.

LinkedIn: Matthew Mottola - Co-Founder & CEO - Venture L

Website: Matthew R Mottola

Twitter: Matthew R Mottola (@matthewrmottola)

Venture L: Venture L

The Human Cloud Book: The Human Cloud


ping @RoRemote. Thank you for your recommendation :slight_smile:

Wonderful news! Will be a fantastic event. Looking forward to hearing more about it!