Meet Cindy! Our new proofreader :)

To make sure all our company comms materials are flawless, I’ve scoured the interwebs in search for a proofreader and editor: meet @cbrzostowski! (ps, she’s Berlin based, so @natalia_skoczylas you may want to meet for a coffee :wink: ).

Cindy, lovely to have you on board. I’ll be working up a contract with @marina our project manager and @nadia, our team leader. Our social media is run by @anon82932460. As you know, we’re based all over the world, but these cool kids are based in Brussels (mostly).

This is the space we’ll mostly work together, but please do check out the projects (such as Internet of Humans and Wellbeing - as these two are the ones we’ll need your help with).

As we’ve discussed over the phone, these are the first two things I’d like you two work on:

Proofreading: please have a stab at this profile: I’ve made it into a wiki, so go ahead and edit. And if you see "americanisms (such as “kid” please change).

Editing: this article is a draft, but there’s a problem with the tone, it’s too “hippie” sounding. So feel free to suggest changes in the doc and add comments where necessary:

For the others: Cindy is looking to expand her Europe-based clients, so keep her in mind when you’d need work done.


Hi @cbrzostowski and welcome. There are a few things I would ask that you do as an introduction to Edgeryders

  1. Read and familiarise yourself with the description of who, what we are and key information about how we handle privacy, data, netiquette (click on Communities in the top right hand corner and visit the pages in the drop down menu).
  2. Look at the kinds of articles that have drawn most interest from our community and the media at large. Anything by @alberto or @matthias tends to draw alot of engagement e.g
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Ah yes, also you need to be walled through our admin and reporting process. Perhaps @inge can explain?

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Welcome on board @cbrzostowski! I’m Noemi, one of the community managers, Brussels based :wink:

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@cbrzostowski , cześć, I assume you might know some Polish as well :slight_smile: In case you want to grab a beer or a coffee, PM me, I’d be happy to exchange stories and ideas, and see what you’re up to in Berlin

Hello everyone,

Thanks for the introduction @inge! I’ll take a look at those projects you sent over (as well as the information you mentioned @nadia) and get to work on that proofreading and editing ASAP.

@natalia_skoczylas While my last name is Polish, I’m very sorry to say I don’t know any Polish. I am taking German classes now though (it’s a slow work in progress). I’d love to take you up on your offer to meet for a coffee. I’ll PM you soon to set up a date and time!

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@inge I’ve finished proofreading that profile and editing your draft. Please let me know if you have any questions about my changes or comments!

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