Narrowing down tasks of social media management

@noemi and I have settled on the following tasks for the social media management (@fsimonov) as we feel the scope is manageable, and works well with our decentralised approach to work:

  1. Pick up and promote only what is on this spreadsheet nothing else:

  2. Every week: Remind @noemi @johncoate @MariaEuler @natalia_skoczylas @hugi @alberto @ilaria @inge @marina to update that spreasheet with anything they want promoted

  3. Every day: Make selection of 3 status updates that everyone should help to spread, then share them in one update in the campfire group following this format:

  4. Make sure to ping @noemi @johncoate @MariaEuler @natalia_skoczylas @hugi @alberto @ilaria @inge @marina when you have posted the countonme in the campfire

Everyone - if you want stuff posted on our social media, the spreadsheet is your friend.

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Sounds good. I’d just like to ask/suggest here: posts in native languages should be posted in those languages on social channels as from what I’ve noticed they tend to work the best.

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You mean that we should get you content directly from the posts?
Not in English.

No. I’ve meant that posts in the schedule (in the document) that are in for example czech, should be shared in czech on social channels, not in english as we’ve seen that doesn’t work the best before.

I’m not sure where to enter info about IoH topics, such as the one I just started with 3 podcasts I edited…

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You can add them all individually to this spreadsheet:

Thanks, and great job! :star_struck:

Right. But should I make an IoH section since it is mainly Wellbeing, or maybe that does not matter and I just put them there because you already know the difference…

@fsimonov what do you think? I think you can just add it, but @fsimonov is sourcing from it, so he should have a better idea.

I put it there anyway just now, but can alter it easily enough

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@ilaria you can find the spreadsheet here. Best is if you could weekly add interesting conversations going on in #earthos

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I think this is the only thing missing in a way, unless we get reminders it won’t happen much.
Otherwise, worth saying that from my end it really makes a different to receive the countonme headlines! It gives a sense of structure and that Filip understands what we are focusing on, as well as the rest of us understand what social media content is being prioritised, to follow up.

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