New storytelling strategy

Hi everyone,

Nadia and I had a good discussion yesterday on what storytelling will look like in the coming months.

These are our thoughts: There should be two types of newsletters published. Both newsletters will aim to be a guiding and reliable voice, making sense of a chaotic world. Their purposes differ, however.

  • The first newsletter will be for the Edgeryders community and it will be published each week on our internal platform

    • The aim of this newsletter is to synthesize the information that has been discussed in the previous week and store it in one place so that Edgeryders’ community can quickly access posts, and be alerted to something they may have missed. For those who are ‘time poor’ it will become a good resource that they return to each week to check in with the community. By doing this Edgeryders wishes to increase engagement with its members.
    • It will give an overview of the topics discussed on the platform each week and weave them together in a central theme.
    • It will have a hook - much like previous newsletters - that focuses on something happening in the world that week and it will show how Edgeryders’ members have discussed it or tried to make sense of that event through linking to conversations.
    • It will include a link back to the Status Report II page which is a safe place where the Edgeryders community gets to know each other, share what’s happening in their lives and around them in their part of the world.
  • The second newsletter will be distributed externally (via social media channels etc) and it will be published fortnightly.

    • This newsletter will be called “Resilience and Regeneration”

    • Each issue of the newsletter will focus on a different category of Edgeryders work, which we have broken into as follows:

      • Better work, coworking, remote and distributed working, jobs and prosperity
      • The green transition - Earth OS’ work on climate and environment - will include economic regeneration needed around the climate emergency
      • Wellbeing - which will tie into Wellbeing in Europe and Proprebol
        From previous newsletters we realise that topics that are more niche seem to tap into a certain demograph online, which in turn, can attract attention and interestng people to future events and the platform.
    • It’s purpose is to attract more people to the platform and to help develop business

    • It will either speak about an upcoming event or focus on an event that has already taken place (Eg the posts on the coworking event and the one coming this week on Messina)

    • Again, it will be a voice of authority, stewarding conversations that are happening in the space of that week’s focus and Edgeryders’ upcoming events. It’s high quality will give it credibility

    • Because this is a series, each newsletter will weave together to create a longer discussion that slots together to show the journey in thought as we make sense of global events on the platform and create new solutions and projects

I’m interested to hear what other people think will work and if you have any other ideas etc. that we could try.



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So it might be a good idea to reiterate where people can contribute content to these newsletters: Weekly Update: Please update this list of content to promote for the coming week

Also, from the status update page we can pick out the events that are directly affecting members of our community

Final comment: its important that we look at the bigger world beyond Europe/US. News from these places tend to monopolise attention drowning out really interesting and relevant news from around the globe.


@LauraRoddy, these summaries are also for NGI?
If so, could you ping “marina” and “Markus_D” below each of the newsletters?

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Yes, will do Maria


So for the first newsletter/topic I thought we could depart from the green new deal/ green transition as the path to economic Recovery and regeneration. The big happening right now is the Ecs announcement about investment in the green new deal and what that implies in practice: Green Deal: a €1 billion H2020 call launched!

Here we have different threads that come together

Poprebel. Food and Agriculture recovery of the food sector, we will do a webinar with Angelo who is a Brussels based journalist very knowledgeable about agriculture and food policy, politics , trends and entrepreneurship/challenges. There is also an opportunity to collaboratively pursue funding for this from EC and could serve a good driver of engagement in our Wellbeing conversation. this includes the shaping of the webinar on how to pursue ec funding. This can be tied to the European funding opportunity for farm to fork initiatives That @andreja mentioned recently: Green Deal: a €1 billion H2020 call launched! - #5 by andreja Ping @marina and @ivanC @noemi
Something you should also know about is the new process to drive engagement for the POPREBEL project - i.e this is what will come out of it for participants cc @hires :

NGI: There is an older thread on the role of tech in a deep green transition that we left off a while back. The Discussion we are having in exploring alternative economic models plays into this as a human centric internet discussion is incomplete at best if it does not depart from the social dynamics and economics that are breeding toxic developments. The first we have discussed is the Messina case, which goes so much deeper than we can go into, but we did cover some ground during our sessions so far New models for Covid19 recovery and the Green New Deal: A case study . Another is the whole Body of work we have done on sustainable living and Working and travel ( in this I include the whole remote work and coworking dis usaions we are having)And so perhaps it makes sense to revive this thread with an event _ what do you think @MariaEuler @johncoate @amelia @alberto @hugi @matthias ? How do we weave together the threads of various conversations we are having around a "deep green" transition, and what are our next steps?


@Leonie @katejsim heads up!

Makes complete sense in my mind, as there is a lot of unexplored territory around information technology and sustainable lifestyles. An event to explore this (collecting ideas, prototypes, experiences) could serve the NGI discussion well. Some ideas for topics I’d include:

  • open source software and hardware for local energy systems, even down to the level of trading electricity with your neighbor via the grid, or just with a long cable

  • open source software and hardware for grid load balancing, which refers to not-yet-existing equipment that will for example run your washing machine or dishwasher only when the grid has an excess of renewable energy available

  • software for replacing in-person events, because video calls alone just don’t cut it

  • software for sustainable travel, both on the consumer side (such as BlaBlaCar) and on the transportation business side

  • software for sustainable consumption, where for example I could plug my side project Food Rescue App because wasting food (which includes eating meat) is responsible for more than 20% of global GHG emissions, as I calculated here

  • greenwashing and how to prevent it; for example, platforms to check the health and environmental effects of ingredients (such as CodeCheck) are often accused to be hidden paid advert platforms for “green” products, and indeed their financial incentives would favor this

  • walking office equipment, which is about technology that lets you do any kind of office work while walking in the forest or otherwise enjoying the outdoors; this was inspired by what Nadia said in another topic:


I have done the first community newsletter here. Do you want the external one on the above topic/theme for next week @Nadia? It will be the first issue of Resillience and Regeneration.

Cool. For this week we should also include how we are balancing family needs and work life while daycare or schools are closed are super interesting right now Childcare, zoom burnout etc…

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And yes regarding the external one.

Great will include that and then post to Campfire

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