Now that the Climate-Kic partnership is about to be announced, let's unleash the deep green campaign

@inge and I agreed that moving forward we will pick one topic at a time around which we build a large comms campaign lasting a minimum of one month per topic.

We have now signed a partnership agreement with Climate-Kic. This is a HUGE win and relevant to several of our projects including internet of humans. Also, there is the big conversation brewing including several of our community members (e.g Vinay) that could give it massive traction and bleed benefits into all our projects. But we need to move fast. Good news? most of what we need is mostly ready and just needs a few tweaks here and there!

  1. We need to create a new Fellowship Call post with a new deadline and pin to top of IOH category. In it we should mention that we are especially interested in people working at the intersections of tech and climate change. Can @johncoate or @MariaEuler set this up?

  2. Alberto’s text announcing the Edgeryders partnership with Climate-Kic is ready. We need to end it with a call to action: Tell us about you and your work here. This makes it possible for us to connect you to relevant conversations, calls for participation as well as opportunities such as this fellowship (link to post about ioh fellowships).

  3. Create an editorialisted summary of the deep green tech conversation, and add links to 1. Alberto’s Climate Kic announcement and 2. The new fellowship opportunity. @MariaEuler it would be great if you could work together with @inge prepare this.

  4. We need to have a succinct description of what makes the edgeryders platform uniquely suited for making sense of messy issues and building meaningful collaborations. And how different people can use it. Read: sensestack pitch. Help @hugi

  5. Put together a list of content on the platform that is relevant to the topic of climate change, climate resilience etc. Vinay’s is a great one, and Matt has posted ALOT of stuff over the years.

  6. And we need mini calls for action:

    • Help us find a name for the Edgeryders climate Unit
    • Help Juylian and Davey from Extinction Rebellion to develop their deep green tech workshop format and invite others to do the same.
    • Host/Sponsor one Deep Green Tech workshop near you
    • Partner with Edgeryders Climate Action work, create edgeryders account and introduce yourself. All you need is an alias and email address, If your prefer to be anonymous- that’s perfectly fine.
    • Tell us about interesting work people are doing at intersections of tech and climate action/ transition to zero carbon cities
    • Sign up now to be informed when we roll out the Edgeryders Climate-Kic joint initiatives.
  7. This is optional: Should we add another topic in the Wellbeing in Europe groups on the topic @natalia_skoczylas @noemi ?

  8. Filip breaks every post down into status updates and pushes out on different channels to drive participation.


Deep green tech is not the only climate-related thing we are doing… but yes, sure, we are still waiting for the task confirmation letter for The Reef and the Deep Dive.


It’s a Deep Green campaign, but first conversation is Deep Green Tech. Others will be about other things eg demonstrator, reef etc. @hugi please note ^^ ahead of further discussions with Isadora.

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Sure. Alberto and I discussed yesterday that perhaps it is time to make a video. I have asked @jakobskote for a showreel, he and his partner make video graphics as a part of their consultancy gig.


Can we somehow link this to the Stockholm event? Make that the focus - IT/IoT/green tech/Climate Change?


Looks good, @RobvanKranenburg. I guess we could run this past the people who are keenest on driving that discussion, and see what they think about concentrating some firepower on the Stockholm event.

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We will know if thats useful or not mid summer I believe, after the Czech tour. There is no time to do engagement as that is a week or so away, so better not to dissipate efforts imho.

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yah it will take time to build it anyhow so no rush

It makes sense to do so on multiple levels, so why not.

When we organise events, we always ask peers who have deep domain expertise to help us frame the conversation as we are doing here.

To move this, and other possible activities on this theme forward it would be helpful to have the whole team’s answers to three questions.

  1. Who would you like to see invited into such an event
  2. What might engage them to participate in a co-creation conversation on the platform?
  3. Would you be interested in co-stewarding this?
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I’ll work on an editorialized text on the discussion tomorrow. Any input appreciated of course.

I do think we need to move fast, and we should point more people towards the announcement after I can make the final edits to Alberto’s announcement text.

@noemi, interesting for you, and @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @MariaEuler I just read this vice article (@nadia great way to link deep green and wellbeing) 'Climate Despair' Is Making People Give Up on Life

many people are suffering from what could be called “climate despair,” a sense that climate change is an unstoppable force that will render humanity extinct and renders life in the meantime futile. As David Wallace-Wells noted in his 2019 bestseller The Uninhabitable Earth, “For most who perceive an already unfolding climate crisis and intuit a more complete metamorphosis of the world to come, the vision is a bleak one, often pieced together from perennial eschatological imagery inherited from existing apocalyptic texts like the Book of Revelation, the inescapable sourcebook for Western anxiety about the end of the world.”