Next content curation call happens Tuesday 9/7, 16.30 CET

These weekly calls are where the Edgeryders communication crew coordinates the work of supporting project teams, community managers, fellows and community members to get the word out and engage people in the exciting work everyone is doing.

They happen here every tuesday at 16.30 CET:

This call will focus on:

  • Gathering input on what is happening in the different projects and what content should be promoted over the next week: POPREBEL and NGI

  • Building a unified campaign to highlight our Climate work and draw participation in the different activities and platform conversations

  • Making visible what people can get out of participating to the conversations and activities hosted on this platform.

Project Update 1/2:


Please prepare to describe updates & share urls to platform content you especially like/want pushed out: @alberto @marina @noemi @nadia @natalia_skoczylas @Jan @amelia @matthias @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @Richard


  • Weekly community calls:
  • Events in Czech Rep and Poland: (Event Text), Facebook Event link Brno and Prague, and Edgeryders event post link Brno and Prague.
    • Recruitment is going…
    • Community manager interaction on FB
  • “Meet the Edgeryder” local connector post
  • Autumn: Serbian and German Legs Later in summer/autumn - what help needed?

2. Social Media stats (social media text drafts here)

  • Performance in numbers
    For the previous month:

Followers: 4,3k
Engagement: 148
Traffic: 133

Fans: 4,4k
Engagement: 165
Traffic: 139

  • Lessons learned so far
    Overall Facebook experienced a growth of about +20 new people since the previous date range. Most popular posts are about: sex education in Poland, Wellbeing tour in Czech Republic and the role of the Catholic Church in Poland. This shows that posts that deal with specific situations in societies work best.
    Gained some followers. Engagement stayed more or less stable since the previous period. Not bad, not great either. Work needed to be done on Twitter copies and content shared.
  • Key Hashtags are:
    #startup, #czechia, #socialmedia, #techtalk, #moralcode, poland, ai
  • Social media accounts are:
  • Twitter: @edgeryders… other partners?
  • Facebook: edgeryders

3. State of the conversation:

  • Summary posts
    • URLS: announcements & documentation
    • Contents: connect to deep green, what does it mean to be a good man
    • Promotion
      These are top posts promoted (links) on Facebook:
  1. Sex education in Poland: Dlaczego zostałam edukatorką seksualną
  2. Brno wellbeing event
  3. Role of the Catholic Church in Poland
  4. Social media is broken: Social Media is broken, let's do better!
  5. Well-being in Czechia: V Česku - Edgeryders
  6. Community call from June 12: What Is to Be Done About the Ad-Based Internet economy? - #49 by alberto
  7. Social investment in Messina: An innovative social investment model in Messina, Sicily
  8. National moral code: Da li u 21. veku možemo govoriti o nacionalnom kodu, ili samo o pojedinačnom?
  9. Collective intelligence in EdgeRyders: Collective intelligence in Edgeryders: the big picture, seven years on
  10. Wellbeing tour: POPRebel Tour


Top 10

  1. Social media is broken: Social Media is broken, let's do better!
  2. Care for neighbourhood: Care for the neighborhood: ‘don’t complain and do it yourself’?
  3. Community call from June 12:
  4. Tracemap
  5. SexTech:
  6. Culture Squad:
  7. Internet and CO2:
  8. EdgeRyders research network:
  9. Museum of corruption:
  10. Green tech (early talk):
  • Performance
    Screenshots in the comments for both FB and TW
  • Reflections on content/insights

As on Facebook, on Twitter specific stories work the best. While on Facebook, content can be boosted via ads that give it the extra ‘push’, on Twitter its necessary to start liking and following actively accounts that might become followers of EdgeRyders. This important because: it gives visibility that EdgeRyders exists, contributing to interesting discussions (not necessary commenting all the time, just by liking updates) Twitter will rank EdgeRyders higher and that will bring more engagement.

  • Goals for next 3 months


  • Increase comments ration even more (at the moment Czech and Polish stories content works the best, need to push into German and Serbian as well).
  • Achieve CTR of at least 1,5% for any ads
  • Boost virtual caffee’s attendance and promote them more as they are a great insight into what EdgeRyders does.
  • Establish a procedure on reaching out to fans that send messages into inbox on how to convince them to join (in their own language where possible)
  • Push to get at least 150 new sign-ups from targeted countries


  • Engage into interesting conversations as EdgeRyders by liking and commenting where possible

  • Strive for at least 15 likes and 5 retweets per almost every tweet

  • Use EdgeRyders Twitter account for more 1:1 conversation

  • Increase the follower base by at least 150

    • Goals for next 2 weeks
  • Promote content related to IoH and Wellbeing in a more visual way (experiment with GIFs)

  • Adjust the well-being campaign on Facebook advertising and monitor so it reaches the right people and keeps spending in limits

  • Start engaging more (at least via just liking) on Twitter and follow interesting accounts

  • Establish a process and encourage that community managers respond to questions on Facebook in their respective languages

  • Post on a daily basis on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

  • Discuss a strategy to start promoting on Instagram with the outreach team

  • Topics

    • URLS
      • Most active threads
      • Best comments
    • Contents
    • Promotion
    • Performance
    • Reflections on content/insights
    • Goals for next 3 months
    • Goals for next 2 weeks
  • Virtual Cafes/Video chats

    • URLS: announcements & documentation
    • Contents
    • Promotion
    • Performance
    • Reflections on content/insights
    • Goals for next 3 months
    • Goals for next 2 weeks

4. Next Moves

  • Goals for Performance (stats)
  • Increase engagement (comments, shares, likes)
  • Get more inquiries via FB inbox on how to join EdgeRyders or promoted projects
  • Increase clicks to the platform (landing pages once they become active)


  • Strive to increase engagement by 5-10% every two weeks

  • Implement a strategy to keep engagement active at all times (community managers to contribute to conversations that EdgeRyders gets etc.)

  • Make Twitter secondary source of clicks to the platform (landing pates once they become active)

  • Where we want to get over the next 3 months


Main focus is that meaninful engagement is on the rise from target countries
That ad campaigns generate new subscribers on a daily basis


  • Edgeryders is seen as an active account that contributes to meaningful conversations

  • Content posted has a growing/steady engagement

  • The next 2 weeks’ Schedule for content

    • Who/what we are focusing on:
      • languages/ geography,
        English, Czech, Polish, German
      • topics
        Well-being, Internet of Humans (Green Tech…), culture squad content
      • which community managers active on social media
    • What is pused out on social media & when
      • Which URLS
      • Adaptation to local context and language
      • Monitoring the conversation and onboarding

5. Audiovisual Content repositories

  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Photo
  • Flyers/posters
  • other

Project #2/2:


Please prepare to describe updates & share urls to platform content you especially like/want pushed out: @alberto @nadia @johncoate @hugi @MariaEuler @amelia @matthias @katjab @RobvanKranenburg @Heshanij @mirkopresser

In order to move forward we need input from esp the coordinator to the questions posted here:


  • Events (invitations to, as well as documentation from)
  • Calls for participation
  • Other

2. Social Media status

  • Performance in numbers

As content from IOH and Poprebel are being promoted at the same time, there are no separate stats possible via Hootsuite so below are just estimates for the IOH updates based on different links promoted

Engagement: 1k
Traffic: 80


Engagement: 69
Traffic: 97

  • Lessons learned so far


When it comes to IOH specific topics, content that works best is:

SEX tech: 8 clicks
Social media is broken: 26
Deep green tech: 7

While these results can and should be better. To boost engagement and clicks on IOH related material, content should be made more visual i.e:

  • When a new project is promoted which is made by a member (new podcast platform), would be good to create a GIF material of it and use it for promotion
  • Share short audio or video snippets of founders of those projects with a text description
  • Adopting a more educational approach to the way that content is shared (bringing more value to the fans that would read this), would generate more engagement. This can be done in explanatory posts that deal with i.e. “Why its good to use a project X that our member made instead of a commercial solution”. Here we don’t need to trash talk commercial solutions, just mention in general why something is better than other accesible solutions.
  • Share more content from IOH (especially focus on green tech as the project takes shape)


Best performing:

Tech talk: 23
Social media is broken: 14
Internet and CO2: 7

These results can and should be better. To boost engagement, it’s necessary to:

  • Get more engaged in the tech and open source world by following relevant accounts

  • Get more engaged in those conversations, either by responding to comments or just liking

  • Host a twitter Q&A or a live video about an important topic: Green Tech project is a great example as a lot of the tech community would def be interested in finding out more.

  • Post more content related to IOH

  • Key Hashtags are:

#GreenTech #Startup ai blockchain #peertopeer #sustainabletech

3. State of the conversation:

  • Summary posts
  • URLS: announcements & documentation
  • Contents
  • Promotion

Already mentioned above.

  • Performance
    Screenshots are in the comments

  • Goals for next 3 months
    Goals for the next 3 months are quite similar to the ones mentioned for POPREBEL above with additions:


  • Promote on daily base updates related to IOH projects
  • Share more updates about projects that members of Edgeryders have
  • Increase the shareability and engagement on such posts to min 10 comments per almost every post and at least 30-50 clicks on links shared
  • Run mini ad campaigns focused on promoting different aspects of IOH
  • Try to maintain a 2% CTR on ads promoting IOH content
  • Have a monthly live video with leaders of projects that can be Q&As with prepared questions
  • Onboard at least 50 members via IOH content


  • Be very involved in the tech and open-source community

  • Be seen as a go-to destination for open-source alternatives that are community focused and sustainable

  • Increase the follower base via IOH content by at least 30 people

    • Goals for next 2 weeks

Post daily content related to IOH on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin
Create a list of interesting tech and open-source accounts and follow and engage with them
Share content on FB related to IOH in a more visual way
See how to start promoting on Instagram IOH content (to discuss with the outreach team)

  • Topics

    • URLS
      • Most active threads
      • Best comments
    • Contents
    • Promotion
    • Performance
    • Goals for next 3 months
    • Goals for next 2 weeks
  • Virtual Cafes/Video chats

    • URLS: announcements & documentation
    • Contents
    • Promotion
    • Performance
    • Goals for next 3 months
    • Goals for next 2 weeks

4. Fellowships:

  • Content generated
  • Activities planned
  • What kind of comms support do they need (communication materials? social media calls for participation? improvements to minisite? what?

5. Audiovisual Content repositories

Our work the next 3 weeks:


We want to run a campaign to seed and grow a high quality conversation that engages people with deep, rich hands-on experience to share their stories & respond to comments on our platform.

This requires us to:

Have a mechanism and incentives in place for people to contribute & help spread content

Demonstrate the unique value proposition of initiating, contributing to and helping to drive activities within this community.

How we are building it:

1. @nadia @inge @anon82932460 will design a community-powered comms process and campaign to engage people to participate in it

  • Description of process for collaborative content submission and curation efforts
  • How it is good for different people
    • Make offer relevant to different focus groups: Industry insiders, Domain Expert, Researcher, Media, Policymakers, Activists, Concerned Citizen, Technologist, Designer, Entrepreneur or just curious/interested in topics
  • Proof of effectiveness:
  • Tasks you can do if you have 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30min, 2hrs, 1 day per week
  • Perks for each task
  • How to sign up for a task
  • NB: We have resources - Owen manages Campaigns, Microsites & Forms

2. @inge @nadia and @anon82932460 will produce content to communicate our unique value proposition and incentives for participation in the funnel sites and on platform. We will drive the work but will need everyone’s help here and there.

2a. Content to feature as “current”:

  • The Edgeryders SenseStack: @hugi will produce this description. Would be good to present the description within the context of tackling climate change if possible. Optional: Post an op:ed on dense networks for climate change.

  • Fellowship program

  • Video chats

  • Outreach Events

  • Online conversations

  • Calls for participation

  • other?

2.b Content to make visible that by engaging, participants Get Access to (make visible on funnel site):

  • Knowledgeable, generous people from/with whom you can learn
  • Experienced, active people with whom you can collaborate
  • Access to unique tools and resources to process the conversations into new knowledge, collaborations and
  • A team of community managers to connect you to the right conversations and people.
  • Opportunities and tools to lower the cost and increase the efficiency of time spent on growing your personal and professional networks
  • Support to Draw more suppot for your thinking and your work
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development:

2c. Content to make visible How/where participants get support to disciver relevant new conversations and people:

  • Virtual Chats around topics that matter to you
  • Community managers connect you to conversations and events relevant to your interests and needs
  • Outreach & engagement team coordinates community powered communication campaigns to highlight people, projects, events, conversations and insights posted on the platform

2.d Content to make visible how/where participants can find support to get the most out of events that you participate in or organise

  • Pre-event introductions via platform and video chats
  • Support for co-hosting the events you need to serve your objectives:
  • Event Toolkits, communication team, facilitators

3. Project teams will support @inge 's work on producing posts to Announce and Promote a series of “Big News”:

these are the “why it makes sense to get involved with this crowd right now” signals. They need to be featured prominently. So we produce and schedule release of communication materials based on the following…

  • 3a. Announcement of partnership with Climate-Kic (point of contact: @ilaria @noemi)
  • 3b. Collaboration with Extinction Rebellion (t.b.c) (point of contact: @nadia)
  • 3c. Fellowships for IOH people working at intersections of climate change and tech (point of contact: @johncoate)
  • 3d. Curation in Beurocrat learning event in Berlin (t.b.c) (point of contact; @bob @noemi)
  • 3e. Curation of track in Internet days in Sweden (t.b.c) (point of contact: @hugi)
  • 3f. Post and promote relevant calls for participation from relevant events run by NGI consortium partners (nb: this requires organiser to be present on platform to interact with participants)

4. @anon82932460 will produce and schedule social media content to promote Active threads as part of Deep Green campaign: We want to get much more visibility for, and draw more high quality contributors to, these…Conversation to develop this is here

5. @anon82932460 Content & schedule to open and promote new threads as part of Deep Green Campaign/ We want to generate alot of input from as many people as possible…

  • 5a. Connect us with people doing interesting work at the intersections of climate change and tech!
  • 5b. Tell us who to Partner with! Who is already driving relevant activities or conversations and what can we offer them?
  • 5c. Tell us which events we should go to during the next 18 months!
  • 5d.Tell us which great people, initiatives, activities, work or projects you feel should get more support in the fight against climate extinction! (better wording needed)

6. @inge will collect and commission visual Communication Materials & schedule for the Deep Green Campaign

Next curation call’s focus:

Communicating the work of different crews and how people can get involved

A crew is a group of indivuduals who have committed to travel on shared journey of “open” collaboration towards some shared goal. Beyond the boundaries of any one project.

Background: Edgeryders is a home to many “free radicals” as John puts it. We are continuously doing experimental work in the form of projects driven by different teams. This includes the large, community organised events that convene our gloabl community. Many are ephemeral projects that dissolve once project deliverables are over. Over time relationships form between people who choose to continue working with one another towards a shared goal.

1. Edgeryders Climate Unit lead by @alberto @noemi @ilaria @matthias

2. OpenVillage continues and is lead by @zmorda @sohayeb with mentorship and partnership building support from @nadia @clairedvn

  • P2P incubator for entrepreneurship in the Middle East and Africa
  • Focus on projects/ventures to mitigate effects of climate change/ move to zero carbon economy (sustainable agriculture, water, etc)
  • Builds on work and lessons from our prototype last year
  • Will culminate in a community festival taking place in multiple cities
  • Is looking for mentors and partners

3. A soulful plan to grow our communities, personal and professional networks is developed by @letzi & @nadia

  • A series of distributed popup and open networking events this fall
  • Is looking for community members to prototype and test the concept

4. Levelling up: Equipping different organisations to better support good work. Different activities being worked on by different people including @bob @alberto @noemi @nadia

  • The learning organisation
  • Research Activities (Current, future and past research projects)
  • New knowledge (excerpts from previous research, publications, conferences, discussions)
  • Creative Burocracy
  • A process, incentives and campaign for community powered distributed comms
  • Equipping Artists, producers, researchers to use culture as a tool for social change @noemi @matteo_uguzzoni @alex_levene @bob @marina @natalia_skoczylas

5. What crews at partner organisations are up to

[date=2019-07-09 time=16:30:00 timezone="Europe/Brussels"] → [date=2019-07-09 time=17:30:00 timezone="Europe/Brussels"]
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Hi @inge @anon82932460 @noemi @natalia_skoczylas @johncoate @hugi @Jirka_Kocian @bob @matthias @matteo_uguzzoni @alberto @zmorda @RobvanKranenburg @Sohayeb

If you have some activity you would like the communication team to promote please add it in a comment below. We will bring it up during this call.

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I don’t understand this. What’s UVP?

As sorry, it standsfor unique value proposition.

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Hi guys,

For Wellbeing in Europe I am adding everything here:

@natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian I would need help scheduling Virtual Cafes in your languages: it is the best complement we have to your / connectors individual work of bringing people to the platform. We should talk about it at our Wednesday’s team call, but curious to see what you think.


Twitter and FB messages stats

tweets_2 tweets_1


FB_2 FB_1


I edited Peter Bihr’s interview with Miichelle Thorne. Here is the link to the full edited version (runs about 33 minutes):
Full Wav:
She is very well spoken and interesting.
It breaks out like this:
0:01 - 4:30 intro talk
4:35 - 9:00 openness, privacy, data protection
9:10 - Mozilla Foundation, tools they made and use
11:40 Open IoT Studio
13:47 recommendation “Anatomy of AI”
17:20 tools and the audience for them
19:48 education and policymakers
21:12 explaining complexity
23:38 ethical tech workers
24:50 her PhD program
28:00 sustainability, climate and a carbon neutral internet
32:40 wrapup


Sex education gets the most reaction. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

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Yes, but no conversions into new signups and comments on the platform … :frowning:

on a different note, we’re having a call now, no? @anon82932460 and I get this (@nadia) 07

it’s apparently here all: Launch Meeting - Zoom