Onco - Ampliative Art

Hi folks,

My name is Adrian Onco, 30, from Zaragoza, Spain, but living in Barcelona. I’m really happy to have found this cool and engaged community of change-makers.

I’m a interdisciplinary artist and independent researcher. Essentially self-taught, I’ve initialized the Ampliative Art procedure. As filmmaker, I’ve made “Vestiges”, an essay-film presented in various international film festivals and co-produced by the renowned avant-garde filmmaker Pere Portabella (I will be really glad to share with you my film if you want). I have also collaborated in the last film of Pere Portabella, which will be released soon and which I encourage everyone to see as it is a film on the current socio-political proposals of change in Spain (I will notice you).

On Ampliative Art project, my work consists of contribute to create new dynamics of social autonomy and try to offset systemic inequalities by making possible different socio-political conditions through art. For this question, I have had some problems to getting started the project. I’ve tried it through different ways, including through a crowd-building web platform called Assembly.com (now modified and lost) where I learnt a lot from all those collaborators who joint to the project. Here I was project manager and product designer of two projects, an art web platform and an app for gifs. The issue on that attempt was that the collaborators where focused on the revenues and progressively changed the project to do a marketplace, which was the opposite of the open art and culture principles I believe.

So my work on Ampliative could be the following:

  • Motivator, full time

  • Facilitator, full time, I’m here to do my best and help in whatever I know

  • Design, I can design the user-flow and all sites, but I don’t know to code. To see an example you can check out www.ampliativeart.org/en/example but take note I want to make a more discrete and soft design for respect more the art works inside.

  • And I will also look for more people who wants to enjoy with us!

At this time I’m the only person involved in the project, but, being that its manifesto was published recently, it has received signatures and acceptation of really interesting and awesome people :slight_smile:

As you see, my English is a bit poor, but I hope to learn more with you. I should say I don’t feel comfortable in Skype calls, but I will do my best if required.

You can write me to ampliativeart@gmail.com or ask me whatever you want here.

Ah! and would love to be in any Unmonastery “retire”!